Hugely Anticipated Memeinator Listing Confirmed for 29th May

Memeinator, the highly-anticipated token set to dominate the meme coin market, has confirmed it will hit exchanges on 29th May. The project brings an original narrative, an AI-powered game, an NFT collection, and deflationary tokenomics to the sector. The listing news follows a sold-out presale that raised $7.7 million and syncs up with exciting price action both among meme coins and the wider crypto market.

As the listing day looms, price predictions that place MMTR close to a $1 billion market cap are flowing in, with analysts betting on a 100x pump from presale prices.

Memeinator listing: Everything you need to know

In an official update, the Memeinator team announced that token claim and listing will begin at 3 PM UTC on 29th May. MMTR will list with both CEX and DEX partners, with more details being announced prior to listing. Claiming will take place exclusively through the Memeinator website

The timing for the listing could not be better, with the crypto market once again enjoying abundant inflows and plenty of potential for more good news on the horizon. Bitcoin is back above $70k, leading the market into the green, with many analysts declaring BTC’s consolidation phase over. However, the biggest cause for bullishness lies with the Ethereum ecosystem.

ETH pumped 20% on Monday on a new wave of positive sentiment, with Ethereum-based meme coins also enjoying a strong surge. Blue-chip memes MOG and PEPE grew by 50% and 20%, respectively, and ETH Layer-2 Arbitrum added an impressive 18%.

These gains overshadow those of Solana competitors, indicating that Ethereum is still the top division for meme tokens. This sets the stage perfectly for Memeinator’s launch: as an ERC-20 token, it is primed to capture a share of the capital currently pouring into ETH.

Memeinator: The story so far

Memeinator is a meme token with one goal: to destroy inferior meme coins and restore the meme market to its former glory.

The Memeinator character, a Terminator-Doge hybrid, has been sent back from the year 2077, a post-apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by low-grade meme coins. Memeinator’s mission is to fight the sector’s lack of utility, crush unimaginative meme coins, and bring quality back to the cryptosphere.

The project includes a game – Meme Warfare, developed by Red Apple Tech – that allows players to go to war with rival meme coins, obliterating the competition on the way to Memeinator’s goal of a $1 billion market cap. 

This will be achieved with the help of brilliantly executed deflationary tokenomics: token burns occur every quarter, ensuring a constantly constricted supply, which could result in a huge price surge if demand remains strong. 

So far, interest has been impressive: the presale sold out to raise $7.7 million, concluding in March. In addition, the Memeinator community is thriving at present, with 108k followers on X and 25k+ members across its Telegram and Discord groups.

With the buzz behind Memeinator now solidified by its presale performance, the value of MMTR could be ready to skyrocket upon listing – fixed presale prices will no longer limit it, and the market will decide what it is worth.

MMTR price prediction

The initial listing price of MMTR is yet to be confirmed, but all signs point to an impressive day one pump. Awareness and hype around the project have continued to grow since the presale closed, and there are hordes of investors desperate for a bag of MMTR that they were unable to buy during the presale period.

Plus, given the token’s price appreciation and performance so far, many presale buyers will likely HODL for greater profits down the line. This will further limit the number of tokens available, possibly causing a serious rally. 

Meme coins have been the stars of this bull run, with SHIB, BONK, PEPE, and WIF carving out spots among the hottest tokens of 2024. Traders have made gains to the tune of 107,000x, with meme tokens like PEPE and WIF rallying by more than 1100% between November and March. Memeinator will look to follow in these coins’ footsteps and has all the tools needed to do so.

Excitement continues to grow with the forthcoming release of the Meme Warfare game and a highly-touted NFT collection. With NFTs pumping again, the Memeinator collection could become another success story, which would, in turn, create more interest in the MMTR token. Given the excellent marketing from the Memeinator team so far, a 100x pump is very much a possibility.

$1 billion is in Memeinator’s sights

With this demand, a limited TGE supply, and deflationary tokenomics, MMTR’s goal of a $1 billion market cap could easily be achieved post-listing. Interest in the token will only increase after the token lists, so investors who missed out on the presale will want to mark 3 PM UTC on 29th May in their calendars to get the best shot at a low-priced bag of Memeinator.

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