How To incorporate Crypto Into Your Business Model

Many people have started investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies which has paved the way for businesses to start incorporating these currencies into their businesses. 

Investing in Blockchain Technology can be the starting point for your business investment into cryptocurrencies.

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Investing in Blockchain Technology

Investing in blockchain technology is another method that can help to incorporate cryptocurrencies in your business. 

Blockchain technology is also responsible for creating new business models which means that you can use it to build applications that run on a decentralised network. 

These decentralised networks make these applications more secure and resistant to censorship. These decentralised apps can also help manage many tasks such as compiling data or managing workflows.  

How to Incorporate Crypto into Your Business 

These are the methods you can use when you are looking to incorporate cryptocurrencies as part of the currencies types that your business accepts and uses. 

  • Use cryptocurrency to raise capital 

You can use cryptocurrency to raise capital for your business by investing in the digital market. This can be done in one of two ways, either using an initial coin offering (ICO) or just simply investing in the crypto market. 

If you use the initial coin offering route, you sell digital tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency. You can also allow people to use these digital tokens to get access to a product or service that is currently in development. 

Or you can set up a program where customers who have a loyalty program are able to get discounts on future products or services or other great benefits. 

  • You can also pay your employees in cryptocurrency

Instead of making this the primary method of payments, small bonuses or a section of their salary that they would like to have converted can be paid in cryptocurrency. 

  • Use cryptocurrency to make any international payments 

It is cheaper to use cryptocurrency to make international payments instead of using wire transfers which can become costly and does take a while to reflect in the other person’s account. 

If you want to use cryptocurrency as a payment option then you need to use the exchange that supports the country that you are going to pay into. 

How to accept Cryptocurrencies as a Form of Payment 

With other digital payment options available at your business adding cryptocurrencies to the list can have extra added benefits for both your customers and your business. 

This is how you can start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. 

Decide how you want to receive your payments 

There are two ways in which a business can choose to receive their payments, the first is if you want to convert your crypto into paper money you need to set up an account with Coinbase or CoinGate and this will allow you to receive the market value of the crypto that you have received. This route of payment costs one percent transaction fee. 

The second option is to receive the cryptocurrency and use it as a business investment. For this option you need to set up an account with the crypto wallet store and receive your funds. 

Adjust your checkout process

After you have set up the payment option, you are now able to receive cryptocurrency from your customers. 

Practice risk management when accepting cryptocurrency payments

If you are not converting all crypto payments into paper money then you should be sure to be careful that you aren’t going all in and only receiving crypto payments. 

Keep various methods of payments available for your customers and business. 

Benefits of Incorporating Cryptocurrency into Your Business Model 

Here are some of the benefits of using cryptocurrency in your business. 

  • Investing and using cryptocurrencies in your business can help set the tone for the advancement of technology when it comes to digital platforms and their currencies. 
  • Large businesses and companies are also investing in cryptocurrencies and this can make doing business with them easier. 
  • Cryptocurrencies also manage the opportunities and risks of digital investments 
  • They also help strengthen the capital of the business
  • Enable real-time, simple and secure money transfers


Choosing to incorporate crypto into your business model can be a huge benefit especially with the advancement of technology and the digital space. 

Business owners who choose to add crypto as a source of payment options makes it easier for all people to access their products and services no matter the type of currency they are using. 

This will attract more clients to their business and this incorporation can make the business sustainable in the future when other companies need to add in the crypto as a payment method. 

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