How to generate an active income from cryptocurrencies using merely an android device?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the originator of bitcoin who is still unknown, described bitcoin as a second or alternate payment method that everyone can use. However, to minimize the misuse of bitcoin, he only issued a finite supply of bitcoin. 

The supply of bitcoin is restricted to only 21 million units, and we cannot create more bitcoin units after creating 21 million units.  Currently, there are 18.6 million bitcoin units in circulation. Lite coin, the lite version of bitcoin, also have a finite supply, but it is still much more than bitcoin as the supply of the lite coin is restricted to 81 million. 

The actual motive of bitcoin was to make the transactions extremely easy and smooth without any restrictions. However, rather than using bitcoin for payments to buy goods and services, investors and traders are using this virtual coin to make money. It is not the case only with bitcoin but with every other digital currency out there. To make money with cryptocurrencies using your android device, check  Here are some potential methods to make money with cryptocurrencies using an android device. 

Cryptocurrency mining 

Cryptocurrency mining might seem an expensive endeavour to you as it is profitable with large computing systems. However, cryptocurrency mining is the progression of creating new virtual tokens, and to create these new virtual tokens, every miner has to find the solution to the math puzzle. 

Android devices are coming with much more efficient processors nowadays and are ultimately potential to perform cryptocurrency mining operations. Unfortunately, you cannot mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum with android devices. However, you can mine valuable cryptocurrencies like XRP with your android device.

 To mine cryptocurrencies with an android device, you need nothing but a cryptocurrency mining application. The app will directly link you to a crypto mining pool. Some popular applications that can help you mine cryptocurrencies with android devices only include miner gate and bitcoin miner. In addition, you must have a crypto wallet to store your rewards. Yes, the profit potential of cryptocurrency mining from an android device is less, but still, it is profitable as the investment is nominal. 

Staking cryptocurrencies!

As cryptocurrencies evolve, we notice new methods to make money with them every day. Cryptocurrency staking is a sure-shot method that can help you make a good income out of crypto by just using your android device. You can stake cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Solana, Ethereum and binance. All the more, you can earn a profit of 8 to 10% of the amount you invested by staking cryptocurrencies. 


Cryptocurrency trading, if done right, can make you a millionaire in a few months only. The novice cryptocurrency traders have a huge misconception that cryptocurrency trading is like gambling. Cryptocurrency trading needs a complete market analysis if you are willing to make more enormous profits. Several cryptocurrency trading applications allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using an android device. 

All the more, these applications are fully automated and are powered by Artificial Intelligence. You can set up a profit and loss goal on these applications so that you don’t have to visit the application again and again.  

The accessibility of bitcoin trading applications is more than bitcoin trading websites. In a nutshell, trading on android devices is very convenient and easy. You can become any trader such as day trader, scalper, swing trader and arbitrage trading. 

Arbitrage trading blew up recently. It means traders were buying digital currencies from the local exchange at a low price. Traders bought cryptocurrencies from local exchanges using their android devices and sold them on foreign exchange. As a result, the rate of arbitrage trading increased in India as well. 

 There are several advantages of cryptocurrency trading from android. Some of these include the computability of the trading application with low-end Android devices, faster and reliable, a large variety of payment methods, accessibility, automated trading and free demo accounts. 

NFT games 

NFT games are a potential way to make a passive and an active income. In NFT games, you can make money by selling the marketplace’s in-game items, currencies, and costumes. Therefore, the profit potential of NFT games is gigantic.

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