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How to Avoid Bankruptcy When Betting Online

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Whenever you gamble at crypto casinos, there is always a chance you’ll lose. Given that you’re essentially betting with an exceptionally volatile currency, you’re technically gambling twice. To help you avoid crashing out with nothing, we’ve put together this short guide to avoiding bankruptcy when betting online with Bitcoins at Rollers casino.

Know The Value of Your Coins

If you’re new to betting with cryptocurrency, it is imperative that you learn to understand the value of cryptocurrencies. Nothing will make you crash out quicker than not fully understanding how much altcoins and Bitcoins are worth. You should also note that their value can change dramatically – sometimes daily. Keep tabs on this before you decide to bet and only wager on “good days”.

Be Careful with High Stakes Games

You aren’t required to play high stakes BTC games if you don’t want to. In fact, we’d urge beginners not to. Instead, it is best that they get a bit of practice in first. Only if you are completely comfortable with your bets should you decide to have a punt on high stakes games, and even then, it is okay to be reserved with your betting.

Be Selective with Gambling Strategies

You should learn the difference between gambling strategies and betting systems. Betting systems, such as the Martingale sound ideal, but if you go on a losing streak, they can be devastating to your balance. Instead, we’d recommend using a good strategy chart, such as basic strategy for blackjack and so on. These tell you the best moves to make based on what’s on the table and are a far better way to control your game than betting systems.

Play and Read for Free

It may sound counterproductive to play free slot and table games, especially when there is no financial reward for doing so. However, playing these games does give you insight and knowledge into how games work before you wager on them. This is critical if you want to practice various betting strategies before you risk your cash. On top of that, there are game reviews, and these can provide you with other helpful tips and tricks concerning each game.

Use Bonuses Sparingly

Again, it may sound tempting to claim a massive cash bonus. However, this can be detrimental to your balance. If a bonus has ample wagering requirements, you may end up losing most of your balance trying to clear them. Therefore, we recommend on claiming casino bonuses that have low playthrough rates and yet are still worth a decent chunk of change. These will allow you to bolster your balance but not suffer from excessive rollover rates.

Make Use of Responsible Gambling Tools

Always use any responsible gambling tools a crypto casino has to offer. These may include deposit and wager caps, reality checks, self-exclusion tools and opt-outs. The more you use, the safer you’ll be. By putting caps on excessive stakes and gambling sessions, you are blocking yourself from ever running the risk of ending up in trouble long before it happens.

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