How is Bitcoin Mining Addressing the Issue of e-waste?

We all know about things like carbon emissions and e-waste. All these things come as a narrative around the mining process of Bitcoin. It comes with wastes of energy and a big carbon emitter. It is evident that Bitcoin remains terrible and unique, and the attack over the atmosphere over the scale earlier and seen coming up in human history. The narrative that comes our way is that Bitcoin is anti-environment and turning out to be big e-waste. However, this is not the case now, as experts feel that Bitcoin mining can now address the problem of e-waste in a big way. The narrative of being anti-environment is now shifting to being pro-environment. The cycle linked to electronic devices is very legitimate, and the problem related to pollution is likely to go. One may find 40M tons of waste comes big on an annual basis. But Bitcoin is not solely responsible for the same. 

The fact is you can find Bitcoin contributing to a tiny fraction to this problem. Thus, with around 40 M tons of e-waste, one can find Bitcoin contributing only 30K tons a year, claims the reports of BCC. It means, every year, Bitcoin only produces 0.07 per cent of e-waste. Thus, claiming that Bitcoin mining has much to do with coming up with a massive amount of carbon waste and similar things is an unfair debate. The Bitcoin contribution has become a more significant societal issue that has remained relevant to this error. It would further be not going to change the fundamental problems of the environment as you go through sites like Bitcoin Security. You can get a fair idea about the same. Around 70% of toxic stuff comes from society from different kinds of electronic devices. You can imagine the number of times you want to replace your smartphone and other devices like TV, monitors and iPods, to name a few. 

All these come back to the junkyard coming via the retail stores busy replacing the older and non-functional phones. Most of these devices go under electronic waste, which is a big thing. Thus, consumerism has wreaked havoc in a big way, and much of the blame game is coming up on Bitcoin. The only solution for this problem is that consumers have to change their behavior in a big way. Conclusion: that seems a more comprehensive societal discussion that comes up along with the buying process that further reuses the same that is working and comes up with a time preference mentality. One can find many more dynamics, which come along with the opinion. It offers assurance with Bitcoin miners’ consumers coming along with up at the forefront with the behavioral change. If you look at the working of the ICs in computers, these act like binary data and give away the right solution. 

With more than 40 M tons of electronic waste generated every year, the unique bitcoin miners can offer the best solution to this growing issue. We see the ICs got good popularity because the packing transistors can remain the transistors closer in a single unit in the form of an integrated circuit. Thus, we get huge chips in a big way. The issue is that we get the electrical interference in a big way at one point in time, thus changing the quick flow of transistors from one to another. Also, microscopic transistors remain an expensive and complex process.

As discussed above, Bitcoin mining can be a great saviour thing for one and all. One can find multiple things and places used for different Bitcoin miners at this point. You can quickly get them everywhere, right from the top Bitcoin-based companies like Kaboom to even the internet-based stores like Amazon. Miners are not just responsible for giving more landfills, these are coming from other places, and Bitcoin often comes to the fore. The narrative will change as the consumers start getting the reality behind the e-waste. A fraction of e-waste comes through Bitcoin mining, but presenting the other way makes all the difference in giving the counter-narrative to the audience. Well, let’s see how things move, but at the moment, Bitcoin mining can be a problem solver and not a damage as everyone treats.

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