How Does a Crypto Exchange Work

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Many individuals or companies are looking for an opportunity to exchange currencies, securities, commodities, and other assets. A cryptocurrency exchange has recently become the most popular type of trading. At this point, it’s good to find a partner that would help you accomplish more of your goals, for example, you can buy BTC for Euro.

Well-reputed cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Cryptomat.sk, take serious measures to keep private funds under control. They take the necessary amount of money to execute transactions in a hot wallet. The rest is well-secured in the cold storage offline.

Fiat-crypto vs crypto-crypto exchange

Cryptomat.sk performs a wide range of services. However, its major focus is set on exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies. It even uses special software to automate those processes. This is when the project developers focus on two types of exchanges:

  • A typical fiat-to-crypto exchange is suitable for those who have no crypto but want to buy some. You will be able to transfer traditional money to your bank account to proceed with the crypto purchase. You will also be able to trade your crypto coins back for traditional money with ease. Cryptomat publishes the exchange rate for each trading pair by letting you know the potential profits.
  • A crypto-to-crypto exchange is suitable for those users who have crypto and want to trade it for another crypto. These can be coins or tokens that aren’t covered by fiat-crypto exchanges. To complete a transaction, Cryptomat will ask you for account verification. A valid ID and a residence paper will be requested.

Exchange wallet

Cryptomat.sk may serve as a crypto wallet that allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrency and make fast cash withdrawals from ATMs. A crypto wallet app aims to guarantee the privacy and security of coins against scams and other fraudulent activities.

An exchange at Cryptomat.sk is entrusted with considerable quantities of digital coins. Strict exchanges keep most private funds in cold offline storage, which is absolutely safe. When it comes to a hot wallet, the necessary amount of crypto should be available there. Processing transactions via this type of wallet is considered to be less safe.

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Cryptomat.sk keeps the private keys for 98% of cryptocurrencies under control using an offline wallet. Moreover, it is one of the first exchanges that combines cold storage and secure hot wallets.

Users need to register a free account to get access to the long list of cryptocurrencies by market cap. As a result, they can benefit from a safe and reliable exchange that has already been used by more than four million people all over the world.

Ready to purchase crypto?

Cryptomat.sk allows you to keep your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies safe. An easily-navigated interface, the flexibility of use, and the safety of funds are absolute guarantees. As soon as you can buy or sell crypto, you need to submit a buy or sell order on an exchange which will be stored in the order book. The list of orders is regularly updated depending on orders being matched and executed.

When it comes to order types, they can be based on the market and limit. With a market order, the exchange offers you a trade with the best possible market price in the order book. With a limit order, the exchange offers you a trade with a specific price or better. Is there no matching buyer or seller? Your limit order is not going to be processed. For example, the top BTC sell orders may look like 0.1/0.2/0.3 BTC at the price of 50,000/50,400/50,400 USD per 1 BTC.

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Please mind that crypto coins like Bitcoin can be split into subunits. For example, Bitcoin’s tiniest subunit is the satoshi, which makes up 0.00000001 BTC. An average trade will involve just a few USD.

General information

Cryptomat.sk comes with a wide range of benefits. These include instant transactions, compatibility with mobile devices, convenient navigation, safety, anonymity, etc. A crypto exchange for traders and investors can be processed via a crypto wallet.

Cryptomat.sk also performs the following services:

  • Blockchain development provides changeable capabilities to businesses. It is searching for unmatched scalability at the operational level.
  • Smart contract development helps companies to realize their ideas without any third-party intervention. This reduces all the related expenses.
  • Blockchain-based payment system processes big data, high-frequency operations, and 50k payments per day.

The consulting team of Cryptomat.sk aims to streamline business processes, minimize cyber threats, and much more. This resource totally deserves your trust in the long run.

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