Holy Rock NFT: The New NFT Collections for Western Wall Stones


Holy Rock NFT is a community project that combines the business world and technological progress with Jewish faith and spirit. Holy Rock NFT was founded by a strong team of digital moguls, including experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists. Their goal in this incredible project is to create a unified community around a product that is appreciated for its qualities and uniqueness.

The basis for the project is a first-of-its-kind initiative using digital technologies to create accurate imaging of the Western Wall stones. The stones of the Western Wall are thousands of years old. Each stone has its own distinctive appearance, dimensions, weight, shape, and age. Some of the stones are particularly prominent and rare due to their gigantic dimensions or the unusual inscriptions embedded in them.

Borrowing from this concept, each Holy Rock NFT community project member will have sole possession and ownership of a simulated image identical to one of the original Western Wall stones. Every crack, chisel mark, and historic inscription of the original stone will appear on the 3D image. Each image is marked with an NFT code to identify it as an original, exclusive, and non-copyable digital work.

Since its inception, Holy Rock NFT has sold 1,779 NFTs in just three and a half hours. This was despite the fact that the Israeli Government has stopped its activity in the middle of a public sale due to pressure from a small group of religious leaders. However, it’s good to note that the Holy Rock NFT has never scanned the Western Wall stones but created 3D illustrations of the stones. Fortunately, the project was a major success and was on the way to being sold out; however, because of the Israeli government’s cease and desist order, they have lost potentially millions of dollars.

In April 2022, the team will be in court to prove the mandate for their NFT project. One of the major issues they want to address is that they are not claiming to sell, nor did they scan the Western Wall in Israel. The fact is that they have created original 3D illustrations of all the visible Western Wall stones. The team is confident in their process and policies, and it’s only a matter of time for the issue to be resolved.

For everyone seeking success, Avi believes you can make even your wildest dreams come true. You need to follow your passions, work hard and brace for any hardships that may come your way. More importantly, he wants you to understand that entrepreneurship is one of the most versatile sectors with vast opportunities for everyone. You can also start your venture by recognizing and seizing opportunities that come your way. It can be challenging to get started, but never give up. Good things take time to come, so be patient and be ready to tackle possible hurdles.

As ambitious tech-savvy people, Avi and Noam want to expand and develop more products in the blockchain industry. They envision themselves as entrepreneurs in the field of advanced technology, specifically blockchain-based innovation. The NFT space is also rapidly expanding, and so, Holy Rock NFT is poised to grow.

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