Georgia students to learn crypto in High school henceforth

Georgia students

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  • Georgia students to begin crypto training in high school
  • Georgia, not the first state where high school students would learn crypto

Legislators in the Georgia House of Representatives have approved a bill that will allow Georgia students to be taught about cryptocurrency, among other financial literacy courses. The newly approved bill requires state education officials to implement a study program tied around financial literacy for high school students. Cryptocurrency is included in the curriculum.

The bill scaled through hearing in Georgia’s lower chamber on March 8 by a vote of 169-2. Six Republican legislators sponsored the bill as it has been sent to the Senate for further deliberation. It outlines 16 courses of financial literacy to be studied by Georgia students in the tenth or eleventh grade.

“The State Board of Education shall prescribe a program of study in personal financial literacy to be completed by students during high school, the bill reads.

The list of courses in which cryptocurrency would now join contains traditional courses like investing, money management, loan applications, checkbook balancing, among others. However, given crypto’s lowly position at number 16 out of 16 subjects, it may not be the most comprehensive overview. But at least it’s a start.

Georgia students, not first to learn crypto

Although the crypto course for Georgia students is still a work in progress in the country, the state is not the first to include cryptocurrency training in a high school curriculum. In 2019, the French education ministry implemented a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency module to its high school curriculum.

The outline was structured such that students have a basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and how it relates to the traditional and financial world. The french ministry crypto curriculum then had students answer questions like “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?”, “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?” and “Do you have trust in your currency?”.

Similarly, there was a show on the recently celebrated International Women’s day when a three-year-old Bitcoin educator spoke at the online Women of the Future crypto and blockchain conference. It emphasizes that it’s never too early to learn about crypto.

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