Future Trend Forecast of Hong Kong Online Casino Industry

This article aims to make a technical judgment on the future of Hong Kong’s online casino industry. What technologies may be introduced? What impact will it bring? Please read on.

Blockchain technology transforms online casinos

Hong Kong’s international financial status provides fertile soil for the development of blockchain technology. Not only does it bring together global capital and investors, providing abundant liquidity and investment opportunities for emerging blockchain projects, but Hong Kong’s mature legal environment and financial regulatory system provide a stable and secure environment for blockchain technology. development environment. The first use case for blockchain was Bitcoin (BTC), and its applications have expanded far beyond what cryptocurrencies should be. This technology helps the entire financial industry become more transparent and secure. Bitcoin is nothing new in Hong Kong, and Bitcoin ATMs can be seen in many places.

Online casinos, which represent a key segment of the gambling industry, can greatly benefit from the unique capabilities on decentralized ledger technology (DLT). Many of the top Hong Kong online casinos and gambling sites are seriously considering integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their operating systems. Click here to learn more.

First, blockchain can significantly increase trust in the online casino market. While the internet has transformed the gambling industry, it has also opened the door for scammers and fraudsters to defraud players through their expansion of low-quality, fraudulent platforms. On the other hand, some well-known online gambling platforms may also be affected by fraudsters. The main problem is identity fraud. Specifically, users can create multiple fake accounts using fake credentials. He may then use these accounts for some illegal operations:

  • Gambling Bonus Abuse – Fraudsters can claim promotional bonuses from each account and obtain cash from them.
  • Chip dumping – Fraudsters use multiple accounts, join a gaming platform, and then deliberately lose to a specific account.

But the good news is that blockchain can reduce the risk of such fraud to zero, because every transaction and movement is recorded in a decentralized ledger and can be seen by anyone.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

Another trend among Hong Kong online casinos is the acceptance of cryptocurrency payment and transaction modes.

There are already many well-known Hong Kong online casino platforms that allow the use of cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. This provides players with convenient payment options and enhances the stability of the online gambling platform. It’s no secret that digital currencies have been identified as the future of global currency. Moreover, central banks around the world are actively developing their own digital currencies. Therefore, for Hong Kong’s online casinos, the earlier they adopt cryptocurrencies, the better they can integrate into the future economy.

So far, cryptocurrency user games have attracted a large number of new players to Hong Kong’s online casinos, especially the younger generation and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The number of players is expected to continue to grow as more high-quality casino games become available. Moreover, the crypto casino industry has also attracted a lot of investment, with many startups and traditional casinos rushing to get involved. As technology develops and becomes more widely used, the return on investment is expected to rise to even higher levels. In addition, regulations related to cryptocurrency are gradually being clarified and improved, and the market environment will be more favorable.

AI inspection system

While everyone is discussing how AI can benefit the development of medical care, autonomous driving and other fields, or are pessimistically worried about how AI will control humans, AI technology has already entered the gambling industry, helping casinos continue to maintain growth. In the future, Hong Kong’s casinos are also expected to introduce AI. Through facial recognition technology and AI analysis, as well as specially designed baccarat tables to collect data, AI will be used to quickly identify gamblers who have a greater chance of “losing big money” and intend to increase the number of gamblers. The number of AI gambling tables.

Since “the banker must win,” why do casinos use AI technology to maximize casino profits? First of all, as a capitalist, it is reasonable to pursue greater profits. When a gambler buries bits, the AI ​​system begins to record his decision-making mode and first find out whether he likes to pursue high risks. For example, whether poker players often impulsively showhand. For the casino, the longer such players play, the more the casino can make. Therefore, when the AI ​​system detects a high-risk player, it immediately notifies the relevant casino personnel, such as the manager, to serve the VIP effectively and give him free spins in the hope that he will have fun for a longer time. AI technology can also be used to monitor the business distribution of online casinos, popular games, and assess whether someone is cheating by observing any unusual changes in revenue.

Secondly, Hong Kong online casinos also face revenue challenges. Each gaming platform needs to use technology to help revenue growth. Moreover, the long-term goal of online casinos is for AI to become employees of the casino. The current deployment of AI technology is an initial investment. It is not difficult to imagine that when you start playing at an online casino, the camera will instantly identify you. Through facial recognition technology and big data, all personal information such as your asset status, address, social platform records, etc. can be seen at a glance. Based on this information, the casino’s AI monitoring system will immediately build a personal analysis model for you. Do you like playing slot machines? Or Baccarat? How long will it take for personal consumption to peak? How much money can you afford to lose? Online casinos know it all.

Careful readers may ask, where does the information come from to know the identities of online casino players? The database used by the casino AI monitoring system is composed of public databases and social network databases on the one hand. On the other hand, it may also involve data leaked on the Internet, which is often key information that is unintentionally leaked by users. Casinos can be said to be a microcosm of society. The social credit system has been implemented in China for some time. What’s special is that there is no big opposition from local residents. Of course, AI is a double-edged sword. When used correctly, it can safely monitor, identify and judge fraudsters, and stop them in a timely manner.

In the future, the combination of Hong Kong online casinos + AI technology will spring up on major gambling platforms. Whether it is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen.

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