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Freddie Mercury NFT set to be sold at auction

TL;DR Breakdown

• The NFT auction will feature four unique pieces by singer Freddy Mercury.
• The NFTs collections cover various categories such as music and sports.

The non-fungible token market welcomes one of rock n ‘roll’s most recognizable stars, Freddie Mercury. Now music fans will purchase priceless pieces featuring the image of one of the most acclaimed singers of all time.

This new NFTs exhibition comes for the 75th birthday of the singer. The auction goal is to accumulate enough money to be used for charity.

Freddie Mercury NFT auction arrives in style

Along with Freddie Mercury, Queen was one of the most acclaimed bands in the 70s and 80s, reaching big hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You. It would be an honor for any band fan to have a priceless piece showcasing the band’s lead vocals in their prime.

The pieces on display show Freddie Mercury singing, while in an image, you can see the white piano that identified him.

The collection will also bring pieces by MBSJQ, Chad Knight, Blake Kathryn, and other artists. The auction will begin on September 20 and will last for three days as scheduled.

The auction will have charitable purposes to help the NGO “The Mercury Phoenix Trust,” which seeks to fight against AIDS.

NFTs have gained fame in recent months for the number of auctions promoted and the players that participate in the market. Multinational companies such as Vida have shown their interest in the NFT world.

NFT auctions stand out in several categories

Virtual auction enthusiasts can have priceless pieces such as the Freddie Mercury and those of the sports world. Recently, soccer player Gerald Piqué was a trend for showing his first collection of non-fungible tokens.

The F.C Barcelona player showed NFT pieces on September 9 that was a success. After almost a week of publication, the Piqué NFTs have collected about 138 Ethereum, which would be about $480.000.

The non-fungible token market has also had a refreshing week with the first piece tied to a wedding cake. This would be the first NFT of the category, implying these collections have no limits.

For now, fans are waiting for the opening of the Freddie Mercury-inspired NFT auction to discover how much money it will raise. Thousands of band fans may connect to the auction in pieces with a starting value exceeding $1000.

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