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Forward: Redefining and Reforming Education as the World Knows It

As most things in life, and in fast-paced business environments like blockchain, we may not have all the answers or plans ready with us. We may have to figure many things on the fly. If you are a startup, you’d exactly know what I am speaking about.

We may not know where we will exactly end up with Forward Protocol. Maybe the answers are not as clear as what “business analysts” or some “consultants” would want. But one thing we know is, we want to redefine and reform education as the world knows it.

As long as our larger vision is clear, and we work towards it, the impact we will make will shift the world. I can’t wait to impact the parts of earth education cannot access. To actually change someone’s life. Forward is the only way to complete the journey and I’m doing it with friends who passionately embrace the technology as part of a reformative tool to education. As I take a hard look at my life with an open-minded philosophy common to old men, devoid of drama and politics, blending psychological fact and spiritual mystery, scientific rationalism and the unknowable ephemeral, I am convinced that FORWARD is the right way. 

Forward is happiness. I’ve been learning through reading, where I merge philosophical wisdom with scientific explanations. I’ve been through a lot but not once did I explain defeat as “fate” or “punishment”. Even though born to religious parents, I don’t believe in karma and would rather think that what happens in someone’s life is part of cause-and-effect. I’m a pragmatic person.

Even confirmed atheists experience spiritual elevation although they may not believe in God/gods. I’m sure I am not alone in these feelings and I could surely sympathize with many of you who had asked the grand question “How can I live a meaningful life?” It’s okay not to have answers but I’ll offer mine, an original answer that draws on the rich inspiration of both philosophy and science by diligent observation, as I grow up with my parents. I am an only child but my parents had always treated me as an adult, allowing me the luxury of asking questions and seeking my own answers through the internet. Technology has always been a part of my young life.

There are many of you who can define “meaningful life” by achievements, material comforts, friends, or having your life touch another person. This last item is most meaningful for me and became the longing to be, not to step back in fear or ignorance, but always to push, against all odds. I have never liked boundaries or restrictions, I’ve always wanted to find out what’s beyond.

To me, education is taboo when done by the traditional form of four walls, students all seated in a row and an eagle-eyed teacher ready to pounce on the student who itches and couldn’t stay put even for a few minutes. I was that child who never liked “education” or being contained in a classroom and reciting words I do not understand, all together like a chant.

‘Forward’ is a better word for ‘education’. Moving forward, progressing, is learning. Organisms other than humans do not get educated, they move forward. 

Forward is Education (Learning by living).

Forward is Life (as life stops for none).

“What’s your secret to success?”

At a train station in Mumbai, I bumped into a former classmate. As we took adjoining seats, he seemed flustered as he had heard a lot about me. He said,  “I wish I could become successful like you. Could you tell me what’s your secret to success?”

I answered with what came off the top of my head, “I don’t let my time rule me; I rule the time. And success is a journey, never a destination. I just enjoy my life every moment.”

That might sound so simplistic but that’s the way I feel as I took up all kinds of extreme sports – mountain climbing, scuba diving across the entire Arabian sea for 15 days, paragliding, freediving, kitesurfing, surfing, slacklining, marathoning, rifle shooting, archery — my list is long. Why? Because I want to experience life. Does it have anything to do with my success? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not costly but there’s INTENTION to do it. Do you need money to live life like mine? No. Most people with luxury don’t get to live the life I live. I experienced it. I like doing things out of routine.

I quit “schooling” after finishing 10th grade. I got scholarships for 11th and 12th grades as I got 97.5% in 10th grade. I said it’s over and it’s over. I want a better life. Extraordinary. When the pandemic happened, I and my family packed our earthly belongings and transferred to a safer location. Life goes on, and I’m finding new hobbies and growing in the knowledge of what I can – or cannot – do. Every day is a new discovery to move FORWARD.

I have made more money in a day than most people in their lifetime. I have lost more money in a year than most families made over generations. I enjoyed both. You might say I have great success, that’s your perception. I don’t believe in perception. No matter what’s the reality on my side, you won’t know. Reality does not have great, good, bad, worse. It has everything the way it is. Your GREAT could be my WORST. Or vice-versa. And this understanding has given me the most benefit in life.

Forward is essentially everything other than nothingness/space. It’s like the light. Yes, it’s not greater than nothingness, the darkness that engulfs everything (from a factual and positive sense). It can be second to it, but it is everything to one who lives and experiences it

Forward is as essential as water to the fish. Fish does not care what’s outside of it, but water is its life. Whether it knows it or not. I’ve been living my life open to all changes, believing in the natural order of things, where chaos must assume a form to serve the greater good — maybe through the blockchain. We are at that point in life where we can transform the world — together.

Blockchain could slash the cost of transactions and eliminate intermediaries like lawyers and bankers, or even governments and that could transform the economy. Like the adoption of internet technologies, blockchain’s adoption will require broad coordination and will take years. But with friends and passion to come together, the process is much shorter. Come FORWARD now.

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Karnika E. Yashwant

A prolific writer, KEY brings an insider perspective to blockchain ventures and crypto startups. He shares cutting edge content marketing strategies from his 11 years of management experience. Perfectly balanced in mind and body, he runs marathons, target-shoots, engages in extreme sports and takes a vacation break in 5+ countries annually.

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