Forward Hackathon Triumph: Indian Spiders Shine with Innovative PreSale Contract Template

Forward, a pioneer in simplifying web3 technology for global accessibility, recently concluded an exciting Hackathon at ITMO University in Russia. This event, co-hosted by Forward and the distinguished ITMO University, aimed at fostering creativity and innovation in developing customizable and deployable dApp templates.

With a mission to make web3 technology intuitive and accessible, Forward offers the Forward Factory, an integral part of their platform that enables users to create decentralized applications (dApps) with pre-built templates seamlessly. This hackathon was a testament to their commitment to democratizing web3 technology.

The Indian Spiders team secured the third prize with their impressive PreSale Contract Template for the Forward Factory. This template provides a simple interface for conducting a token presale for any project. Users can easily drag and drop this template within the Forward Factory to conduct transparent and secure fundraising and token distribution. The ease of use and minimal data required to create a presale template make it an invaluable tool for Forward users.

Hackathon Overview

The Forward x ITMO University Hackathon, held from April 14 to May 5, 2024, was a hybrid event that took place both online and on-site at the ITMO University campus in St. Petersburg, Russia. This event, sponsored by Forward in collaboration with ITMO University, challenged participants to develop templates for the Forward Factory that could be easily deployed by other users.

The hackathon gathered a diverse mix of participants, and the ITMO University provided the essential support and venue, which played a pivotal role in the event’s success. A total of 60 participants, organized into 20 teams, presented a variety of innovative dApp templates. These submissions were rigorously evaluated based on their innovation, functionality, and potential impact on real-world applications.

Conversation with Indian Spiders Team

Team Members

  • George Yagunov (Captain)
  • Daniil Forys (Designer)
  • Nikita Malahov (Frontend Developer)
  • Sergey Varik (Web3 Developer)
  • Doryush Khodzhaev (Web3 Developer, partly Frontend Developer)

Interviewer: Can you give us a brief background about yourselves?

George Yagunov: I’ve worked on the Sunscrypt team, focusing on cryptocurrency security and hardware wallets. Currently, I organize blockchain and AI events at SPBU University.

Daniil Forys: I’m a student with four years of design experience and three years in blockchain investing and trading.

Nikita Malahov: I’m a Golang backend developer at ITMO with extensive frontend experience. This hackathon was my first venture into blockchain.

Sergey Varik: I’m a third-year applied computer science student. I started with BNB Chain’s Zero2Hero bootcamp, developed smart contracts, an NFT collection, and automated processes with Python and web3py.

Doryush Khodzhaev: I’m a second-year software development student at ITMO and a Java Backend developer. This hackathon was my first experience with Solidity and web3 development.

Interviewer: What’s your winning template all about, and what problem does it solve?

Indian Spiders Team: Our winning template is the PreSale Contract Template. It’s a simple interface that helps projects conduct a presale of tokens, ensuring a transparent and secure process for fundraising and token distribution. This template solves the problem of attracting investment for token creation, especially for newcomers. It avoids common presale mistakes and makes it easy to set up a token presale with minimal data input.

Interviewer: How did you find using the Forward Factory? What features stood out to you?

Indian Spiders Team: Using the Forward Factory was an interesting experience. We found the template constructor and the functionality for adding contracts and descriptions to be particularly useful. The platform designer for the front end was also impressive. While there were some complexities, especially for developers, the ability to see all the templates in one place was a big plus. It has great potential, and we’re excited to see how it evolves.

Interviewer: Did you encounter any difficulties while using the Forward Factory? How did you handle them?

Indian Spiders Team: We did face a few difficulties while using the Forward Factory. There were bugs that slowed down our progress, particularly with displaying and changing the template. For example, we had to adjust the browser’s page scale to access certain functionalities. Despite these challenges, we managed to work through them by troubleshooting and adapting our approach. The platform has great potential, and we’re confident that future updates will address these issues and enhance the user experience.

Interviewer: How did the v4 updates of the Forward Factory impact your experience?

Indian Spiders Team: The v4 updates significantly improved our experience. The interface became more intuitive and the process smoother, which made our template simpler and more effective. While we did encounter some bugs and wallet connection issues, overall, the Forward Factory streamlined the user experience and made creating templates much easier for anyone with a crypto wallet. We’re excited to see how it continues to evolve!

Interviewer: How would you describe your experience at the Forward Hackathon? Were there any highlights or challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Indian Spiders Team: The Forward Hackathon was a wonderful experience. The Forward team was incredibly supportive, always available to help and answer our questions, which made the process smoother. The online lectures were insightful, and we gained significant experience in teamwork and cryptocurrency. The pitching sessions and working closely as a team were definite highlights. We did face some challenges, especially with deadlines, but the Forward team was always there to assist via chat and calls, which was a huge support. It was a fantastic event, and winning was an unexpected but delightful highlight!

Interviewer: What aspects of Forward’s vision do you find most compelling or motivating, and how do you see Forward contributing to the broader adoption of blockchain technology?

Indian Spiders Team: We are really motivated by Forward’s vision of making web3 accessible to everyone, especially through their partnerships with many companies, which can attract a lot of web2 users. The prospect of making it easy to start small businesses with minimal resources is very compelling. Forward is making DeFi more accessible and promoting the development of blockchain technology. As more people learn about and use blockchain through Forward, it will drive broader adoption and innovation in this space. We see a lot of potential in Forward and believe it will play a significant role in the future of blockchain technology.

Interviewer: Thank you for joining the hackathon and creating your fantastic PreSale Contract Template. Congratulations on your win! We hope to see you in our upcoming hackathons.

Indian Spiders Team: Thank you! We had an amazing experience and are excited about participating in more hackathons with Forward in the future.


The Forward x ITMO University Hackathon showcased Forward’s dedication to driving innovation in the web3 space. The participants’ impressive skills and creativity have contributed significantly to enhancing the Forward Factory, demonstrating the platform’s growing potential. The success of this hackathon paves the way for more exciting events, inviting developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join future Forward hackathons and initiatives. 

To stay updated on Forward’s latest projects and events, visit their website and follow their socials.

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