FITFI Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is FITFI a Good Investment?

fitfi price prediction

The NFT economy has ushered in hundreds of new cryptocurrency bull rushes. The most notable of them has been GameFi and metaverse product domination throughout much of 2021. Last year’s best-performing investments fell into these categories. FITFI price prediction could be a helpful guide for one looking for an intelligent investment. Here’s why:

  • FitFi exists at the nexus of the physical and the digital; it is the completion of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, using NFTs and geolocation technology. Step’s FitFi metaverse now includes augmented reality for enhanced immersion.
  • Fitness Finance is a free market system where participants profit from the $100 billion fitness industry’s worth. This innovative system is the Web3.0 equivalent of digital fitness experiences and applications.
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Web2 enabled people to consume as well as generate fitness content. It transferred the value earned by their fitness content to the platform owners.

GameFi is a similar concept. Gaming is a $200 billion industry in which many consume and produce for the profit of a few. Web3.0 enables everyone to earn a piece of the market they participate in. With the rise of GameFi and play2earn, this became a reality.

FitFi and move2earn are turning points in bringing the vast fitness industry to individuals to allow them to earn money from it. Multiple ways of earning from the Metaverse are in this report. This research paper overviews the state of the metaverse and strategies to capitalize on emerging business opportunities for different industries. Take the front seat on the next trillion-dollar industry!

Today’s Step App price is $0.036444 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,434,518 USD. Step App is up 10.71% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2638, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 5,000,000,000 FITFI coins.

What Exactly Is FitFi Crypto?

FitFi token is the Step App ecosystem’s governance token. In the Step App, FITFI is also a utility coin that benefits from ecosystem fees. Users can stake FITFI tokens to earn up to 50% of the market value of the tokens.

Step App (ticker symbol FITFI) is the native coin of the Step.app mobile application, trading at around $0.6 – $0.7 with a market cap of $166 million.

Since its launch on Bybit on April 26th, it pumped around 13000% in the first week, hitting another top in its second week of $0.73, on May 5th, the current FITFI all-time high.

Listed on Crypto.com, it opened at $0.28 a day after Bybit exchange – most of the FITFI price growth was on day one – and the FITFI top was higher on that exchange, $0.79. After Step App (FITFI) got listed on Supercharger on 9 May, users have the chance to boost their returns by 10x. 88 lucky participants will win an exclusive “Supercharger 10x Booster” NFT that multiplies their FITFI rewards, allowing them to earn up to 23% p.a.

FitFi coin is now trading on many cryptocurrency exchanges such

  • Charging Duration (First 30 days) – Users can stake and unstake from the Supercharger pool (with no gas fees) at any time during the Charging Period. The price of the reward token is determined at the end of this period.
  • Reward Distribution Period (Next 30 days) – Users will receive their reward tokens during the Reward Distribution Period based on their share of the crypto provided during the Charging Period. Their eligible reward tokens will be distributed daily during this 30-day period after accepting the reward terms. Users will forfeit a portion of their reward if they do not accept the terms before the Reward Distribution Period begins.

Founders of Step App

The Step App team is led by its president Dharpan Randhawa, a former executive at British motor racing group McLaren Racing. Randhawa also runs the brand agency Talisman, which has offices in Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai, and Shanghai.

The project’s CEO is Kirill Volgin, former CFO for DeFi investing platform Zerion. Another notable member of the team is CTO Dmitry Gordeychuk, crypto and DeFi veteran. Project advisors are Dovey Wan and Hatu Sheikh. Robert Vukosa has been designated as the primary business developer.

$KCAL tokens are the game asset. Used to mint & maintain NFTs, among other functions. Some $KCAL tokens, to bootstrap, are given to early adopters in the fair mechanism.

Source: Twitter

How the Step App works

Does the Step App really work? Step App, a type of Web3 project, belongs to the move-to-earn category, which also includes Green Satoshi Token and Green Metaverse Token. The app offers a type of metaverse fitness experience, rewarding you for doing physical exercise. The goal is to encourage people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The project’s official cryptocurrency is the FITFI token, which facilitates payment and rewards on the platform. The app will be released this month as beta. Has anyone used it yet? This is where you start.

Source: Twitter
  • Led by ex-CFO of Zerion.io, which processes 1/3 of all DeFi user data.
  • Developed by the winner of ETH Waterloo, the most difficult global hackathon.
  • Brand licensing is managed by an executive from McLaren Racing.

Step App is the celebrity-endorsed tokenized fitness app. Cutting edge augmented reality merges with the metaverse.

In this gamified fitness metaverse, your steps generate income. Collect and stake SNEAK NFTs, acquire steps, and grow your wealth. FitFi is combining the world’s financial and fitness goals into 1 mega-app.

Token Utilities

  • Burns: Use $FITFI to buy SNEAKs
  • Cashflow: Stake $FITFI to earn from app fees
  • Game Theory: $FITFI staking has a cool-down, with early exit fees.

FITFI Fundamentals

• Buy-backs: 50% of play income is utilized to purchase FitFi tokens.

• Burns: Management can vote to burn up to 50% of its tokens purchased back.

• Staking Rewards: FitFi stakers receive up to 50% of market-purchased tokens.

• Locks: Exiting staked FitFi tokens requires a 10-day cooldown, which incurs a 12 percent cost on the initial investment.

• Liquidity Incentives: LP tokens have a 50% weight in staking rewards.

Furthermore, because they do not take venture capital investments, the StepApp project adhered to the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) protocol to maintain the project as open-source as feasible.

How to buy FITFI & where

Step 1 – Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

Exchanges have their own fee policies and other features that you will go through in detail. It is recommended that you figure out the one that suits you best. Let’s try Coinbase.

Step 2 – Buy USDT with fiat money

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer. You will be charged higher fees when using cards but you will also make an instant purchase. 

Step 3 – Transfer USDT to an Altcoin Exchange

After buying USDT, Choose an Altcoin exchange that supports FITFI (Bybit, Bitget, BitMart, Gate.io, Huobi, Hotbit, MXC, OKX etc) to trade FITFI.

Step 4 – Deposit USDT to exchange

The exchange might require going through another KYC process, from 30 minutes to possibly a few days maximum. Once you’re done with it you should have full access to your exchange wallet. Transfer your previously bought USDT on Coinbase to this wallet, and click on ‘Copy Address’. Under the Recipient field, paste the wallet address from your clipboard, for security consideration you should always check if both addresses are matching. Click ‘Send’ to proceed, you should receive a confirmation email instantly, click on the confirmation link in the email and your coins are on the way to the chosen altcoin exchange.

Step 5 – Trade FITFI

Screenshot 1102
How to Buy FITFI

In the right column there is a search bar, now make sure “USDT” is selected as we are trading USDT to altcoin pair. Click on it and type in “FITFI”, you should see FITFI/USDT, select that pair and you should see a price chart of FITFI/USDT in the middle of the page. Below there is a box with a green button that says “Buy FITFI”, inside of the box, choose the “Market” tab here as that is the most straightforward type of buying order. When you have confirmed everything, click “Buy FITFI”. Voila! You have finally bought FITFI!

Price History Analysis for Step App

Since its launch on Bybit on April 26th, it pumped around 13000% in the first week, hitting another top in its second week of $0.73, on May 5th, the current FITFI all-time high.

It was also listed on Crypto.com, where it opened at $0.28 a day after the Bybit exchange – most of the FITFI price growth was on day one – and the FITFI top was higher on that exchange, $0.79.

It pays to invest early in new crypto coins – and many would consider it still early for FITFI with its low market capitalization (ranked #2830 on Coinmarketcap).

The Step App price has been performing well despite Bitcoin dropping from $40k to $35k over the same time period, showing a lot of relative strength against the rest of the crypto markets. According to the most recent statistics, the current price of Step App is $0.60, and FITFI is now rated #285 in the whole crypto ecosystem. Step App has a circulating supply of 250,000,000  and a market capitalization of $147,589,313.

The cryptocurrency’s current value has dropped by -13.7 percent in the last 24 hours. When we compare the FITFI’s current market cap to yesterday’s, we can notice that the market cap is likewise down.

The FITFI has been on an upward trend for the past seven days, increasing by 20 percent. Step App has recently demonstrated great potential, which may be a fantastic time to get in and invest.

New Developments in the Step App Ecosystem

As part of its mission to drive its ecosystem, Step App launched its main app, which can now be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

Step App recently partnered with OKX for the World Cup season. Through this partnership, FitFi holders can get a chance to get a free NFT. It is essential to know that OKX is one of the world’s most reliable crypto trading and web 3 apps.

FitFi Technical Analysis

image 121

According to technical indicators, the current sentiment is bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index shows 25 (Extreme Fear). Step App recorded 15/30 (50%) green days with 19.77% price volatility over the last 30 days. According to the 1D chart, FitFi currently trades below its 50-day and 100-day Moving Averages, signifying a bearish movement. Furthermore, The Relative Strength Index (RSI) momentum oscillator is a popular indicator that signals whether a cryptocurrency is oversold (below 30) or overbought (above 70). Currently, the RSI value is at 39.91, which indicates that the FITFI market is in a neutral position.

The cryptocurrency exhibits a stable trend, with plenty of opportunity to increase in the next few months.

FitFi Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

The year 2022 hasn’t been too excellent for cryptocurrencies such as FitFi. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that this cryptocurrency is a bad investment. FitFi holders hope for a bullish 2023, and most price prediction platforms, including Cryptopolitan, expect to see a good year for the cryptocurrency.

image 122

Screenshot 2022 12 07 at 12.26.13 AM

FitFi Price Prediction 2023

Our FitFi price prediction for 2023 suggests the digital asset might attain a maximum price of $0.061 and an average price of $0.055.The minimum price forecast for the FitFi cryptocurrency is $0.061.

FitFi Price Prediction 2024

Our FitFi price forecast for 2024 is a maximum price of $0.091 and a minimum forecast price of $1.41.The cryptocurrency is expected to attain an average trading price of $0.079.

FitFi Price Prediction 2025

Our FitFi forecast for 2025 suggests the coin might attain a maximum level of $0.13 and an average price forecast of $0.12. The minimum price that is expected for 2025 is $0.11.

FitfI Price Prediction 2026

The FitFi price prediction for 2026 is a maximum price of $0.19 and a minimum forecast price of $0.16.The altcoin is expected to attain an average trading price of $0.12 in 2026.

FitFi Price Prediction 2027

The FitFi price prediction for 2027 suggests the digital asset might attain a maximum price of $0.27 and an average price of $0.24. The minimum price that is expected for 2027 is $0.23.

FitFi Price Prediction 2028

According to our FitFi price forecast for 2028, the cryptocurrency is projected to attain $0.40 as the highest price, while the average trading price for the crypto is expected to be $0.34. Also, a minimum level of $0.33 is expected by the end of 2028.

FitFi Price Prediction 2029

Our FitFi price forecast for 2029 suggests that the cryptocurrency might attain a maximum price of $0.58 and an average price forecast of $0.50.The minimum price that is expected for 2029 is $0.48.

FitFi Price Prediction 2030

Our FitFi price prediction for 2030 suggests the digital asset might attain a maximum level of $0.84 and an average price forecast of $0.74. The minimum price that is expected for 2030 is $0.69.

FitFi Price Prediction 2031

According to our FitFi price prediction for 2031, the cryptocurrency is projected to attain a maximum value of $1.19. The average trading price for the crypto is expected to be $1.04 by the end of 2031. A minimum value of $1.01 is possible by the end of 2031.

FitFi Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor predicts that FitFi is a bad long-term investment. In one year, they expect the coin to be worth $0.00856. In five years, they indicate the coin will devalue by 94.89%.

FitFi Price Prediction by Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts predicts that FitFi will have a maximum price of $0.087 and a minimum price of $0.059 by December 2023.

By 2024, Trading Beasts predicts that FitFi will increase by 131.84%. They expect the coin to have a maximum price of $0.102 with an average trading price of $0.082 by then.

By 2025, FitFi is expected to have a maximum price of $0.122 with an average trading price of $0.098. The lowest trading price of the coin by that time is expected to be $0.083.

FitFi Price Prediction by Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price Step App FitFi price prediction is a maximum price of $0.0919, with a minimum price of $0.0758 by 2023.

By 2028, they expect the coin to reach a maximum price of $0.26, with an average trading value of $0.26. The coin’s lowest price by then is expected to be $0.24.

By 2031, Trading Beasts predicts that FitFi will have a maximum price of $0.69 with a minimum price of $0.66. The average forecast price of the coin by then is expected to be $0.69.

FitFi Price Prediction by Industry Experts

Famous crypto expert Uloggers TV is optimistic about the Step app price forecast in the long term. They predict the coin can earn investors a substantial number of gains. Here is their full price prediction on Step App FitFi.


FITFI is brand-new, and as it debuted right before a significant market drop, we are still unsure of how it will function in typical situations. Move-to-earn may be a rising aspect of the cryptocurrency industry, but it’s unclear if this growth will continue or will only be a brief phase that will quickly disappear.

Whether FITFI has what it takes to surpass rival fitness apps like STEPN as the most widely used in the crypto-verse is still far from conclusion. When selecting whether or not to invest in FITFI, it is crucial to be cautious and proceed with appropriate caution, as with all other cryptocurrencies. It’s always better to do your own research before investing.

The Step App project has broad appeal. Its work is related to the fitness and gaming industries, which are worth about $300 billion combined, as well as popular investment themes such as DeFi, Web3, and the metaverse. Although the crypto is worth just a few pennies, it could be worth several dollars down the road. However, being new, there’s too much doubt about its legitimacy.

But some have already got in early, secured profits, and got back in with house money. So there’s that worry. With crypto, you either believe in it or you don’t. Volatility is characteristic of the industry, but when there’s utility and community, you get better chances of continuous growth than meme coins.

Step App FitFi is also aiming at taking the ‘move-to-earn’ crypto sector to a new level, but it’s unclear if it will do so indefinitely or act as a quickly forgotten flash-in-the-pan phase.

Nonetheless, we expect FitFI to surpass rival fitness apps like STEPN and become the most widely used in the cryptoverse. The platform is bringing up new developments and partnerships in its space, which we believe will help it grow in the future. We also predict that the FitFi coin will reach $1 in a few years.

Even though our Step App price prediction is bullish, please conduct diligent research before investing. Also, time your investment with market insights to help you avoid losses.

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Is FITFI a good investment?

Yes, FitFi is an intelligent investment considering several fundamental criteria.

Is FitFi legit?

There are some doubts: 1- the website is so bad; even some words are miswritten; some sentences are interrupted.. 2- there is no app for ios. 3- it is like some bad copy of stepn..(like reebok-rebok) 4- it has no support from binance or coinbase.. so what do you think of it? Is it a scam?

Will Step App (FITFI) hit $1?

While this might not happen this year, our FITFI predictions expect the coin to hit $1 sometime in 2027. However, these predictions can be wrong. Always do your own research. And never invest money you can't afford to lose.

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