Cryptocurrency scammers are now using the names of celebrities and prominent figures as a strategic method to promote their fraudulent business, allowing them to dupe a high number of people. Recently, the names of two famous American figures were used in a fake Bitcoin giveaway scam, which scooped over $30,000.

Scammers duped over $30K from investors using popular names

Following the recent report, digital currency scammers touted a fake Bitcoin giveaway scam using the name Joe Rogan, an American comedian, and Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator. Using these names, the scammers could trick the victims, who might also be followers, to their 5,000 Bitcoin giveaway scam.

Also, the victims were fed false information that the purpose of the cryptocurrency giveaway was to propel more adoption for Bitcoin. Thus, the scammers promised to double any investors deposit to their addresses between 0.1 to 10 Bitcoin, upon participation. However, this would never be the case, as funds are most likely not going to be returned.

How scammers choose celebrity names

Reportedly, the scammers were able to garner $31,605 from the Bitcoin giveaway scam, as victims made deposits, which amounted to $6,188 on average. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Rogan and Shapiro are not the first people whose names were used in a fake Bitcoin giveaway scam. Lately, Elon Musk’s name was used to dupe crypto users, including his followers per se. 

One thing is certain; these cryptocurrency scammers choose the names of people for their Bitcoin giveaway scam, who are either capable of running giveaways or those who confessed an interest in crypto at one point. Musk had admitted having about 0.25 BTC in his portfolio. 

Joe Rogan reportedly gained a licensing deal worth $100 million with Spotify. On the other hand, Ben Shapiro had also supported Bitcoin in his Show.