Exploring Polygon and Avalanche Nodes: Advancements in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain in 2023 is no longer an extremely niche technology run by few innovators but   

arguably is the next transformative tech since the inception of the internet. As the technology thrives, developers are getting more enthusiastic about the opportunity to put their trust in code and cryptography and provide products or services in the form of dApps (decentralized applications) using the latest technology.

In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the mainly overlooked element of dApp building, the blockchain nodes. Let’s discuss what nodes are and how to make the most use of them, with a particular focus on Polygon nodes and Avalanche nodes, the two innovative blockchain solutions beloved by developers.  

The power of nodes  

Nodes are computational devices running dedicated software that allows them to store and record data on-chain and fetch it upon request. There are a few types of them, including full and light nodes. 

Each and every full node is synchronized to the network and contains a complete history of a network, guaranteeing the stable functioning of the network and making sure the data never gets lost or altered. Users around the globe can easily find this record online.

Simply put, blockchains need nodes in order to operate and run. Blockchain-based applications are the gateway to the Web3 space. Hence, dApps need to have access to the actual blockchain, be able to retrieve data and send user requests in order to function properly and, ultimately, serve the purpose.  

Just a while ago, spinning up a full node to directly connect to the blockchain was the only way to build your presence in Web3. Let’s further discuss how GetBlock is facilitating the use of nodes and is changing the narrative.  

Polygon nodes

Formerly known as Matic Network, Polygon is a whole platform for creating Ethereum-compatible chains, designed for quicker product launches of high-quality dApps. Being a sidechain to Ethereum, the blockchain allows transactions to be processed on its own network faster and cheaper than on the main ETH net, while also leveraging the Ethereum-level security. 

GetBlock helps both beginners and experienced developers to access Polygon nodes in the easiest manner. After registering a free account on the website, you can proceed with shared or dedicated nodes. Shared nodes allow you to experiment with your Web3 and DeFi apps on a testnet level. Share Polygon node infrastructure with other users, enjoy 40,000 free requests and fine-tune your dApp before going official on the mainnet. 

Dedicated nodes take infrastructure maintenance to a whole new level: get unlimited requests, choose between a variety of API methods, and specify the location of nodes. With dedicated Polygon nodes, you’ll be able to adjust them to your need while the GetBlock team will make sure to secure stable performance for your dApps. Qualified 24/7 support will back you up and respond to any inquiries. 

Avalanche nodes

A smart-contract-based Layer 1 chain, Avalanche has a unique network architecture, making it speedy, low-cost, and powerful in handling loads of traffic. Compatibility with other blockchains enables ecosystem participants to frictionlessly migrate from other chains and benefit from the performance Avalanche offers. 

Due to its merits, the network is very welcoming toward decentralized app creators, giving them maximum flexibility and control over applications. For that reason, Avalanche nodes is another popular choice among GetBlock users.

With GetBlock you can opt for shared nodes, perfectly suited for lower-budget startups, or get a personalized dedicated Avalanche node to take full advantage of and build a solid project.   

Web3 onboarding made easy with GetBlock

Think of diving into the world of Web3? Setting up a self-hosted node takes a lot of resources, consumes time, and diverts the focus from other important aspects of dApp building. Try GetBlock to test out Polygon nodes and request multiple actions to the blockchain refraining from complicated scripting or coding. Or connect to any type of available Avalanche nodes and focus resources on making the best product while we take care of infrastructure for you. 

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