EU Ideathon 2024: Innovate, Pitch, Win. The Ultimate ICP EU Ideathon 2024 Experience!

Are you an ICP developer or forward-thinking entrepreneur based in Europe with an idea that could impact AI, DePIN, or the wider Web3 ecosystem? If so, this is your chance to shine! ICP is on the hunt for Europe’s most disruptive thinkers and ambitious changemakers.

The Ultimate Online Bootcamp & Ideas Pitch Competition, organised by ICP Hubs across Europe, invites participants to showcase their startup concepts and compete for a share of the $44,000 prize pool. This virtual event promises to be an exciting journey for all participants, providing exposure, mentorship, and the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

What is the EU Ideathon?

The ICP EU Ideathon is a premier idea pitch competition that fosters innovation within AI, decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), and the general Web3 space. Unlike traditional hackathons, this competition emphasizes the power of ideas over coding prowess. Participants must present their concepts, develop compelling pitch decks, and create impactful pitch videos to convince a panel of expert judges.

Participating in the ICP EU Ideathon has many perks, including exposure to industry leaders, potential investors, and a broader audience, which can help elevate your startup. The networking opportunities are invaluable, allowing you to connect with like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts who can provide advice, mentorship, and collaboration possibilities. 

Additionally, the Ideathon equips participants with critical resources and feedback; the online bootcamp helps refine your pitch, while the evaluation process offers constructive insights from seasoned professionals. This extensive support can be instrumental in transforming an idea into a successful venture.

EU Ideathon Key Dates

The competition features two tracks: DeAI, which focuses on innovations leveraging decentralized AI technologies, and DePIN, which seeks solutions focusing on democratizing resource contribution and decentralizing physical infrastructure. The prize pool is a generous $44,000.

The ICP EU Ideathon schedule includes:

  • June 28th: Kick off with an immersive Online Bootcamp. Learn, innovate, and perfect your pitch.
  • July 7th: Submission Deadline. Submit your innovative ideas.
  • July 7th-12th: Evaluations. Watch your ideas get scrutinized and celebrated by experts.

The highly anticipated winner’s announcement will take place on July 12th.

The ICP EU Ideathon winner announcement event will coincide with the Startup Connect: Brussels Edition event co-hosted by Cointelegraph Acceleration, Newtribe Capital, and multiple Internet Computer Hubs (ICP Hubs). European winners of the ideathon will have the exclusive opportunity to pitch their projects in front of investors, executives, and media publications at this prestigious event. This exposure provides invaluable opportunities for networking, investment, and media coverage, further accelerating the growth and success of their innovative ideas.

Submission Requirements

To enter the competition, participants must submit two items: a comprehensive pitch deck and an accompanying pitch video.

Pitch Deck

The pitch deck should clearly communicate the following key aspects of the project:

·         The core purpose and vision of the project.

  • The specific problem(s) the project aims to solve.
  • Why now is the right time for the project to be funded and launched?
  • The total funding amount required to execute the project plan.

Your pitch deck should provide enough detail and evidence to make a compelling case for your project. Participants can find the full list of pitch deck requirements and formatting guidelines here.

Pitch Video

In addition to the pitch deck, participants must submit a pitch video lasting between 3-5 minutes. This video should summarize the key points from the pitch deck in a concise and engaging way and should also deliver a compelling argument for why the project deserves to win the competition.

Furthermore, the video should highlight the most important and impressive aspects and leave the judges excited about your vision and confident in your ability to execute.

Remember, the pitch video should complement your pitch deck, not simply repeat the same information. With this in mind, feel free to show visuals, demos, or testimonials that bring the project to life.

Idea Inspirations 

To ignite creativity and innovation, participants can draw inspiration from some of the top-rated ideas:

EcoChain Analytics (2024/06/12)

A DeAI-powered platform that leverages decentralized processing and AI to provide real-time environmental impact analysis for Web3 projects. This platform helps companies understand and reduce their carbon footprint in the blockchain space, pushing global sustainability goals.

Decentralized Energy Trading Platform (2024/06/12)

A platform utilising AI and blockchain to enable peer-to-peer energy trading. It allows users to buy and sell excess renewable energy directly with each other, optimizing energy distribution and promoting the use of renewable sources.

Sustainable Supply Chain Tracker (2024/06/12)

A DeAI and blockchain solution for tracking the sustainability of supply chains. It provides real-time data on the product’s environmental and social impact, from raw materials to end consumers.

Register Now

Organized by several ICP Hubs across Europe, the ICP EU Ideathon is a movement towards innovation, sustainability, and the future of technology. Participants will benefit from industry mentorship, networking with innovators, and visibility in AI, DePin, and Web3. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting event.

About ICP Hubs: ICP Hubs are dynamic innovation centers dedicated to advancing the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) ecosystem. They play a crucial role in fostering development, research, and collaboration in the tech, AI, blockchain, and Web3 spaces. By organizing events, providing resources, and supporting startups, ICP Hubs help bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical applications. Their initiatives empower developers and entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking solutions that drive the future of technology. A special mention goes to ICP HUB Bulgaria, ICP HUB Germany, ICP HUB Italy, ICP HUB Poland, and ICP Hub Portugal, who are spearheading the ICP EU Ideathon, showcasing their commitment to nurturing innovation and leadership in the tech community.

Registration is open now, and the countdown to the start of the Ideathon is on. Visit the official website to sign up and stay updated on all the latest news.

Good luck, and may the best idea win!

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