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Gaining knowledge is an important aspect to achieve success in any business. Especially if we are talking about such a complex system as an economic industry or trading on the Forex. And before how to start a cryptocurrency business and start trading digital and fiat assets, you need to learn more about the important nuances and tools. ETF is one of the key metrics to watch out for. It is important to know that ETF liquidity has two levels and it is necessary to correctly distinguish each of them.

Major ETF Liquidity Levels

According to theoretical information, ETF liquidity has two levels. The first is the liquidity of the fund itself. The second is basic liquidity. Both terms are similar but have several key differences. The main difference is that small players who trade small volumes of stocks affect the first tier. The ETF meets their requirements and requests. The second level is traders who make large trades (buy or sell a lot of shares). In this case, specially authorized assistants help to carry out this transaction with high quality.

Also, it is worth noting that the fund’s shares have value in the primary and secondary markets. But the primary market is only available to authorized participants and ETFs. Transactions, buying, and selling shares can only take place between them. The secondary market is open to everyone, including private investors. A liquidity provider is a secondary market participant that acts as an intermediary between forex prime brokers and private investors.

Main Information About ETF Liquidity Provider

Sometimes for convenience, it is called LP. It is an intermediary that ensures the market balance and offers users a minimum corridor between the buy and sell prices. Also, such companies are able to instantly execute various orders to buy or sell shares submitted by investors. Otherwise, the private investor may run into problems waiting for the reaction of natural participants. At this time, the price may change, which will cause losses and make the transaction unprofitable.

What’s more, the liquidity provider plays another role in helping ETFs. This is to ensure the efficiency of the market. This intermediary helps to buy and sell shares at their real price, smoothing out stressful periods. This approach helps traders and brokers to trade according to the true market price.

Sometimes, brokerage companies don’t even understand what a liquidity aggregator or liquidity provider is to keep an ETF working properly. But cooperation with such an intermediary is simply necessary for the quality work of a broker who decided to start a cryptocurrency business. Therefore, it is important to find the most profitable partner.

Features of a Good Liquidity Provider

It is important to pay attention to several basic parameters.

1.   Pay attention to companies that provide several types of liquidity. This is convenient if the trading platform offers brokers a variety of quality tools: accept bitcoin payments, offer private traders a wide range of assets (currencies, crypto payments, metals, stocks, etc.).

2.   Pay attention to the spread index. A high-quality white label cryptocurrency exchange is able to offer a minimum spread of $0.01. In this case, traders are much more likely to make a trade according to the market value of the stock.

3.   Analyze additional nuances and benefits. Pay attention to the number of trading instruments, the execution time of the transaction, the availability of leverage, the ability to connect trading robots, etc. B2Broker is able to offer customers the best conditions. The platform uses modern technologies and implements innovative solutions. ETF liquidity is one of a wide list of advantages that B2Broker offers to brokers who decide to start a cryptocurrency exchange. And potential clients get access to seven trading instruments, the minimum spread (from $0.01), as well as almost instant order time (68 milliseconds). And the list of advantages is only getting bigger. Moreover, the B2Broker service provides customers with 24/7 professional support and is able to ensure maximum security.

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