EOS price sees bulls towards the $5.200 mark after trading between the $4.800 and $4.900 range until 14:56 GMT on the 11th of February. After this, the cryptocurrency saw bulls, and the price rose to the $5.200 mark after 17:00 GMT.

While Trading view analyst Ademozkur is of the opinion that EOS might see a devastating crash, after which EOS might approach the $0.500 mark by September 2020.

1-Day EOS Price Analysis (10th – 11th February)

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency had a price of $4.871 US Dollars at the start of the 24-Hour price chart, after which it fell below the $4.800 mark, followed by a retracement that took the coin towards the $4.900 level. The cryptocurrency entered the 11th of February with a price of $4.904 US Dollars, and then it fell to $4.812 US Dollars by 01:18 GMT.

By 14:50 GMT, the coin had reached $4.923 US Dollars. After seeing a bullish momentum at 15:00 GMT, EOS rose to $5.233 US Dollars by 16:05 GMT, and then to $5.325 US Dollars by 17:05 GMT. Currently, the coin trades at $5.282 US Dollars.

EOS: Predictive Analysis

The analyst Ademozkur believes that EOS may be subject to a big crash, and the next price target for the cryptocurrency will be near the $0.700 and $0.500 mark.

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

As per the prediction by the trading view analyst, the EOS / US Dollar trading pair is expected to fall to $0.7929 US Dollars by mid of August 2020. The second price target for EOS is shown as $0.5721 US Dollars, and it is expected to be met by mid of September 2020.

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