EOS Price: a 7.36 percent drop in value

EOS price rests near 2.650 US dollars for most of November 24, before it falls below the 2.45 US dollars price level as the day concludes.

EOS/USD 1-Day Price Analysis:

EOS Price

Price Chart by TradingView

After starting its trip right below the $2.650 price level, the cryptocurrency has depicted little to no notable variations in the price line for most of the 24-hour cryptocurrency analysis. EOS marked the day’s high at 2.709 US dollars, as it continued its trip over the $2.60 price mark.

For November 24 and the start of November 25, the day’s range is shown as $2.337 to $2.464. Bears met the trading pair at $2.602, after which it abruptly fell below $2.4, marking the day’s low at 2.370 US dollars. The cryptocurrency immediately recovered from the price line’s fall, retracing towards $2.5. At the time of writing, EOS trades at 2.491 US dollars.

EOS Price Analysis: What to expect?

EOS Price

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

The EOS/USD trading pair has stayed in the green region for most of the cryptocurrency analysis, the moving averages lie very close to the price line and show no significant price variations. The bearish fall that led the price to its low of $2.370 lies in the red region. EOS is expected to show no sudden changes in the price line. The 20-Day Exponential Moving Average lies at $2.484, while the 50-Day Moving Average is observed at $2.478. The RSI is placed at 60.32.

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