Emerging Competitor to Cardano (ADA) at Just $0.01 Set for 50x Increase in 2024

Cardano is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency networks thanks to its pioneering academic research foundations underpinning the blockchain. However, its slow iterative approach has frustrated some users while allowing newer competitors to charge ahead. One such ambitious challenger is the newly launched Pandoshi project and its native PAMBO token.

Pandoshi – The Hungry Upstart 

Still in its bootstrapping phase, Pandoshi brings insurgent energy to the crypto industry with its grand vision, championing concepts like decentralization, privacy, financial freedom and community governance. 

Pandoshi presents a dynamic platform with a diverse range of features, anchored by a Layer-2 Network operating on the Proof of Stake protocol – a more environmentally sustainable alternative to the traditional Proof of Work models. This reflects the project’s dedication to eco-friendly solutions. Within its ecosystem, Pandoshi offers a decentralized exchange, the recently launched secure non-custodial Pandoshi Wallet available on the Google Play Store, engaging Metaverse gaming options, various educational materials, and cryptocurrency-friendly prepaid cards. These elements collectively represent the project’s commitment to a comprehensive and sustainable blockchain experience.

The PAMBO Token Backed by Deflationary Tokenomics

Pandoshi has its own native utility token called PAMBO that powers ecosystem activities. The maximum circulating supply of PAMBO is fixed at 2 billion units. Out of this, 1 billion is being sold to presale investors at the basement floor cost of just $0.01 in the final stage.

PAMBO incorporates deflationary properties by using a portion of ecosystem revenues to buy back and permanently burn tokens. This gradually reduces the circulating supply over time, organically applying upward price pressure.  

Pandoshi also has a secondary governance token called BAMBOO for the community to vote on upcoming developmental decisions and budget allocations. Unlike PAMBO, BAMBOO has an unlimited supply schedule.  

Pandoshi Predicted to Rise 50x on Cardano’s Shortcomings

Cardano’s methodical ideation-to-implementation cycle has given openings for alternate platforms like Pandoshi to outmaneuver it via faster execution. Pandoshi specifically targets use cases like gaming, NFTs and decentralized finance where Cardano lacks adequate development.

By concentrating functionality across interoperable ecosystem products, all unified under the speedy PandaChain network, Pandoshi escapes the congestion issues throttling Cardano as usage grows.

Considering its expansion model hinges on real-world agility rather than theoretical perfection, experts predict Pandoshi is capable of rising 50x within 2024 – catapulting PAMBO’s valuation from today’s $0.01 to $0.50 upon complete ecosystem activation.


Pandoshi brings a dynamic new challenger perspective to the crypto industry with its grand vision of prioritizing concepts like user privacy, financial freedom, decentralization and community governance. By taking a more flexible approach compared to academic veterans like Cardano, Pandoshi aims to rapidly seize market share across areas like DeFi, gaming, NFTs and beyond through its wide-ranging roadmap. If implemented successfully, the project’s deflationary tokenomics present an opportunity for monumental wealth creation for early PAMBO token adopters.

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Visit the links below for more information about Pandoshi (PAMBO):
Website: https://pandoshi.com/
Whitepaper: https://docs.pandoshi.com/

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