Earn Bitcoin Playing Your Favourite Games with Eldorado


We’ve all heard of cryptocurrency games at this point. But from Cryptokitties to Axie Infinity, the vast majority pale in comparison to AAA online gaming experiences. After all, titles like World of Warcraft, Valorant and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are pretty hard to beat. 

But what if I told you that you could be earning crypto playing these games, would you believe me?

With Eldorado you can do just that. Turning hours of gameplay in everything from New World to Grand Theft Auto Online to Rocket League into digital gold.

Let me explain.

Play to Earn

As a leading marketplace for virtual goods, currencies, accounts and boosting services, Eldorado attracts buyers and sellers from across the world of online gaming. Buyers looking to fast-track their progress can get their hands on all they need to get ahead, while sellers can trade their in-game assets such as Final Fantasy 14 gil and PSN accounts for real world currencies.

This facilitates both casual sellers, looking to get rid of their excess of unwanted items, and hardcore grinders who seek to make a living from obtaining and selling the best and most sought-after items in their chosen virtual world.

While Eldorado has been offering up this service for years, they are one of the only marketplaces for in-game goods which has fully integrated cryptocurrencies into the marketplace. Giving buyers the option to purchase goods with Bitcoin and providing sellers with the opportunity to earn some digital gold for, quite literally, playing their favorite games.

Play Your Game

The idea of selling in-game goods for Bitcoin is certainly a tantalising one. And the deal is sweetened even further by the wealth of options Eldorado provides sellers on its platform.

Name your favorite online title and chances are Eldorado is equipped to deal with transactions for it.

The site boasts a truly impressive roster: from legendary MMOs like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, RuneScape, and EVE: Online to modern classics like Fortnite, Warframe, Overwatch, and CS: GO to sports titles from FIFA to Rocket League. To list their impressive catalog including hundreds of games would fill this article and then some. 

But beneath the impressive array of games ready to trade on Eldorado, what this really means is that the platform is primed and ready for you to start earning Bitcoin playing your favorite title. Gone are the days where you have to pick up a grindy, boring and simplistic game you don’t want to play to earn your crypto. Simply strap into your favorite title and earn BTC through Eldorado’s vibrant marketplace. 

Ride the Revolution

It’s fair to say that the crypto revolution is very much upon us. Opening up the long-running debates of when the fad may wear off. Well, if you ask us, the signs of crypto being a fad have worn off over the years. From previously unimaginable market caps to unprecedented institutional and governmental adoption, currencies are here to stay, and we all know that Bitcoin is most certainly the king of such currencies.

Thus, it is incredibly important to ride the wave early, in order to reap the impressive benefits that come with being an early adopter. Integrating your gameplay and virtual trades with Bitcoin not only promises to net you perhaps what may be the single most valuable asset in the world, but it also means that you’re likely to be earning an asset which will only continue to appreciate in value. 

Turning every penny, you earn to day into plenty more down the line.

Of course, I don’t need to be telling you this. You’re already a firm believer in crypto. But if that’s the case, why are you sticking around? Go and start earning Bitcoin from playing your favorite games. It’s really that simple.

Join the City of Gold

Eldorado works some magic, making playing games profitable for players. A dream which seems far too good to be true. And thanks to their integration of Bitcoin payments, the deal is even sweeter.

Thus, if you’re an online gamer there is virtually no reason not to be earning some Bitcoin on the side of your passion for play. After all, you don’t need to be a pro or even a hardcore grinder. If your coffers are full and your inventory overflowing with top-tier items, chances are you’re already sitting on a goldmine of Bitcoin. So, it’s time to cash in.

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