DigiToads (TOADS) Presale To Record 450% Growth, While Aave (AAVE) And Immutable (IMX) Disappoint Investors

The events of 2022 have shone a brighter light on new crypto projects that once struggled to get the attention of crypto investors. More than ever, more recent projects with unique use cases are now intrinsic investment options in the crypto space. 

Case in point, the deflationary utility meme coin, DigiToads, has garnered investor backing in the past few months. Now in stage 4 presale, DigiToads brings innovative features such as play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, NFTs, NFT staking, and Platinum toads. In addition, the project also has a core focus on charitable and environmental causes, making it undoubtedly one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

DigiToads has had a huge success in its early days in the crypto market, and here is why DigiToads (TOADS) presale will record a 450% growth while cryptos like Aave (AAVE) and Immutable (IMX) disappoint investors.

DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads is a GameFi project combining DeFi and NFT to create an ecosystem for crypto investors and enthusiasts. The potential of DigiToads is undeniable, as its ERC-20 token has been growing at a remarkable rate. It offers a new world of crypto investing with previously impossible profit opportunities. DigiToads should trend higher with the recent popularity of meme coins. In fact, DigiToads achieved an impressive feat of raising over $1.7 million in just weeks during the presale phase, which is divided into 10 stages. 

DigiToads is a token operating on a deflationary model, meaning that its supply constantly decreases due to automatic burning processes. At stage 1, there were initially 585,000,000 TOADS in circulation. The token’s value has since risen with every passing phase, and now at stage 4, only 31, 859, 879 TOADS remain. Stage 4 is almost complete, with early investors now able to purchase altcoins for just $0.02 and stand to gain a 5.5x return on investment.

DigiToads also offers a unique Web3 game that allows users to level up their Toad-NFT companions, engage in battles, and enhance their abilities. The game rewards the top 25% of players on the leaderboard with half of the prize money collected from in-game asset purchases, incentivizing long-term participation in the project. 

Also, DigiToads conducts monthly on-chain trading competitions, with the winners receiving the prestigious Platinum Toad as their prize. The victorious trader receives 10% of all profits from trading with the treasury’s 1/12th allocation.

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Aave (AAVE)

Aave is a decentralized lending system that allows users to lend, borrow, and earn interest on their crypto assets without intermediaries. Instead of relying on a central authority, the emerging DeFi cryptocurrency uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to manage assets through a network of computers.

By relying on this distributed network, Aave users can trust the software’s ability to execute written code without depending on any specific institution or individual. The core of Aave’s technology involves the creation of lending pools, which allow for the lending and borrowing of 17 different cryptos, such as ETH, BAT, and MANA.

Like many other lending systems on Ethereum, Aave requires borrowers to provide collateral before they can borrow. Also, the amount a borrower can borrow is limited to their posted collateral value. Once approved, borrowers receive funds through a unique token called an aToken. The token is pegged to the value of another asset and is designed to generate interest for lenders who have deposited funds.

Immutable (IMX)

Immutable X is a layer-2 scaling solution developed to enhance the trading of NFTs on Ethereum. Utilizing a cutting-edge engine called Zero-Knowledge Rollup, Immutable X can provide instant trade confirmation and significantly reduce gas fees for minting and trading NFTs. This platform also ensures that users can create and trade NFTs with full confidence in the security of their assets.

One of the main benefits of Immutable X is its impressive scalability. It can facilitate up to 9,000 transactions per second, making it one of the most efficient solutions. The shared global NFT order book also helps to increase liquidity and trading volume, as NFTs can be bought and sold on any marketplace built on Immutable X.

IMX, an ERC-20 utility and governance token, plays a crucial role in the functioning of Immutable X. Token holders can use IMX to pay transaction fees and incentivize developers and users on the platform. 


There is no doubt that DigiToads has turned several crypto investor heads, as evidenced by its impressive presale growth. On its way to becoming a credible crypto, the deflationary meme coin offers many unique features like P2E gaming, NFTs, NFT staking and Platinum Toads, allowing users to reap significant returns and a joyous crypto experience.

For more Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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