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Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies Take Center Stage in 2022

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There is a growing demand for cryptocurrency investments. Bitcoin was launched in the year 2009 and entered the global market creating a huge buzz for investors. The concept of cryptocurrency gained widespread acceptance for its decentralized finance model and blockchain technology. Along with this, cryptocurrency can also be traded from anywhere across the globe without tying it to any particular currency or country.

Blockchain technology became an instant hit amongst investors considering its transparency and security in transactions. Every user transaction is stored in multiple chains of blocks and distributed to individual user computers. These transactions are then validated and approved by data validators. This activity is also known as data mining. But the concept of data mining also has its drawbacks factoring that there is a huge volume of investment in terms of energy consumption and internet connectivity. In addition to this, decentralized finance became another attraction garnering huge attention from investors. The concept of decentralized finance means there is no third-party intervention from any central banks, regulatory agencies, or tax authorities monitoring your transactions. With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies and the Defi model gaining much attention, regulatory agencies have also taken steps to monitor these transactions. Each country has taken steps to set up its steering committee to monitor these transactions. Time and again these regulatory agencies have brought forward the argument of cryptocurrencies becoming a threat to the growing economy. 

Tax regulations 

Many countries have come forward in support of cryptocurrencies and their investment model. Most countries have also made this investment model legal. This investment model also allows for buying and selling products and services effortlessly. In addition to this, most countries have also come up with a taxation scheme for these types of investments. The country ranks first in the overall cryptocurrency investment. During the latest budget presentation, the finance minister has announced that every crypto investment shall be taxable at 30% tax slabs. 

What you need to trade in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies allow you to trade the same for another cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy an Ethereum using Bitcoin. You can also cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies, or for buying products and services. In certain cases, you can also trade your cryptocurrencies for another crypto. Additionally, you can also buy and hold cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet and sell them off when the prices go up. 

Let us also understand the stance taken by countries across the globe on crypto investments.


SEC considers your investment as a security. Both popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered a commodity and applies tax slabs on these investments. Investors are required to declare their capital gains and pay taxes on the same. 


In 2021, Canada came out with new laws on crypto investments. In addition to this, any crypto exchange that wishes to register its firm needs to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorist act as well. 

Role of crypto exchanges 

To undertake any trading activity using cryptocurrencies, it is important to create a digital wallet in a legitimate crypto exchange like The Crypto Genius App. Depending on the rule of your country, the transaction charges and other legal statutes of crypto exchange vary. If you are a newbie or a regular trader, you must choose the right exchange for you. Ensure that you complete the KYC verification and register your bank details before undertaking any transaction. Most crypto exchanges fall under the radar of local government and regulatory authorities have access to crypto transactions and investment details. 

What are the benefits of crypto investments?

There are many benefits of crypto investments, let us understand a few that will allow you to make the right investment decision in the coming year. 

Security of transactions

Every transaction undertaken using cryptocurrency is easy and secure. User transactions are broken down into multiple chains of the ledger and stored on user computers across the globe. 

Incredible return on investment

Yes, you heard it right. Bitcoin entered the global market with $1. However, today the same coin is priced at $40,000. Bitcoin was affordable earlier, however, today the same is pricey and is not affordable by many. Following the legacy of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies entered the global market. as of today, there are more than 14K cryptos in the market.

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