DeFi Trading Bots to Swarm 2024: Bitbot Tipped as Hottest New Crypto

Bitbot, the hottest new crypto project redefining DeFi Telegram trading bots, gained serious attention this week as it smashed through another milestone, now in presale stage 3 and currently valued at $0.011.  300 million tokens are up for grabs across 15 stages, and Bitbot promises to be an unprecedented opportunity for early investors.

This presale opens doors to substantial returns once listed on exchanges, and its presale popularity showcases Bitbot’s massive potential. Read on to uncover how this cutting-edge crypto is set to reshape the landscape of Telegram trading.

The hottest new crypto in 2024 

Bitbot is a Telegram trading bot with a difference, focusing on new levels of security while offering seamless and convenient trading. Bitbot differs from conventional Telegram trading bots like Unibot, which experienced a hack in October 2023, resulting in a $560 million theft, and Banana Gun, with its massive bug that took the token from $8.70 to $0.02 within hours. Instead, Bitbot focuses on safety. 

Its strategic partnership with KnightSafe provides the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot solution. This means Bitbot is the only Telegram trading bot that allows users to keep complete ownership over their funds until trades are complete. As the old motto reminds us, “not your keys, not your coins.”

Knightsafe, as a custodial partner, introduces advanced security measures by employing a part key-sharing mechanism among multiple parties. This ensures that no single entity has complete access to or visibility of the entire key, providing privacy and an additional layer of security for user investments. These robust measures effectively mitigate counterparty risk and minimize user exposure.

Beyond its emphasis on security, Bitbot presents a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface, allowing users to concentrate on the essential task at hand – trading. The feature suite includes a straightforward UX and a one-click wallet creation option, enabling users to generate up to three free wallets rapidly.

The top features of Bitbot

In addition to its non-custodial framework, Bitbot’s project team has a combination of expertise from both the traditional finance and blockchain sectors. The outcome is a platform seamlessly integrating cutting-edge crypto innovation with the elevated security standards synonymous with conventional financial platforms.

Adding to security, the team is developing state-of-the-art anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions. These solutions aim to shield user assets from transaction fee pumping MEV bot exploits, safeguard against pump and dump schemes, and overall address the potential issues found on platforms like Unibot and Banana Gun.

The gem scanner feature gives utility to every Bitbot user, regardless of their investing needs. This searches for high-potential, cost-effective presale opportunities and exchange-listed tokens exhibiting bullish behavior, providing profitable opportunities. Meanwhile, the snipe tool uses AI to trade low-cap gems on autopilot, selling them at their peak for maximum profit.

Furthermore, Bitbot is for both novice and expert crypto traders. Through the innovative copy trading feature, users can replicate the strategies of successful wallets, offering a valuable learning opportunity for those entering the space or experienced individuals with limited time for detailed technical analysis.

Bitbot’s investors can also take advantage of a built-in referral program, offering a lifelong 15% share of trading fees collected from the referred investor, showing the platform’s commitment to rewards and fostering an interconnected community. 

On the tokenomics front, Bitbot is offering 30% of its 1 billion total BITBOT token supply in its presale, it’s allocating 20% for development and 14% for an aggressive marketing campaign. This strategic approach reflects the project team’s long-term commitment to success and provides assurance against rug pulls.

Is explosive growth on the horizon for Bitbot?

As the crypto market waits for the Bitcoin halving event to restart a new bull cycle, Bitbot emerges as the year’s hottest new crypto DeFi investment opportunity. Competitors in this market, such as Banana Gun and Unibot, have already “mooned” and seen huge growth despite offering a service that lacks adequate security features. 

At the time of writing Banana Gun has a market cap of $40 million, and Unibot has a $61 million market cap. The combined market cap of all Telegram trading bots is over $329 million. This shows the potential of Bitbot and the BITBOT token as it learns from the mistakes made by its peers. 

Bitbot investors can confidently approach the future, given its value proposition focusing on enhanced security and self-custody options. These factors should position Bitbot to deliver remarkable 100x returns once listed on popular exchanges. Especially when you consider that Banana Gun and Unibot did 28x and 200x from their earliest presale stages.

Join the Bitbot Presale while it’s still in stage 3

Bitbot is on a viable mission to redefine the standards of Telegram trading bots. It brings automated trading within reach for traders of all skill levels, providing must-need features like copy trading, a gem scanner, a sniping tool, and more. Combined with its security focus, accessible interface, and rapidly growing following, it presents an extremely promising project. 

Early adopters have the golden opportunity to enter Bitbot’s presale at a rate of $0.011 per token. With Bitbot introducing groundbreaking features in a market ripe for explosive growth, the potential for Bitbot tokens to skyrocket in 2024 is huge.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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