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December means investors are scrambling to discover the best new crypto projects to invest in before the new year. With several ICOs in progress and offering low-cost access to exciting new ventures, two have emerged in the eyes of investors as highly appealing projects that could take off in 2024.

AltSignals hit the headlines in 2023 with its crypto ICO taking the world by storm as it launches its generative AI-powered new trading suite, while another relative newcomer, SUI, has recently unlocked a new set of tokens as part of a liquidity drive following its mainnet launch earlier in 2023. Yet, which is the best choice for investors looking for the best new crypto ahead of the new year? Let’s find out.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a well-established and highly trusted industry leader in the trading signals arena, offering high-quality outputs to help investors make well-informed and profitable investment decisions across various digital markets. With the help of its AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool, AltSignals has delivered an impressive 64% average win rate across more than 3,700 signals.

While AltAlgo™ has achieved notable success it is now transitioning to make room for the exciting new AI-powered trading platform, ActualizeAI. By harnessing the potential offered by diverse AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, ActualizeAI is being developed to boost AltSignals’ success rate beyond 80%, further strengthening its position as the market leader.

ActualizeAI will work with data to support investors’ and traders’ real-time decision-making through powerful algorithms. With machine learning, these algorithms will continue to develop and evolve, improving their output quality as they are exposed to more data and become more knowledgeable of market trends. As a result, it is an excellent tool for enthusiastic traders.

What value does AltSignals deliver for ASI token holders?

AltSignals has released the ICO of its native ASI token to support and enable the development of ActualizeAI. While this new capability provides users with an appealing amount of utility, they also get plenty of bang for their buck.

Token holders can become members of the AI Members Club, offering exclusive access to the AI ecosystem on AltSignals, including ActualizeAI. In addition, access to the various tools is enabled through tiered access based on the quantity of ASI tokens the individual holds.

Top-tier access is enabled by investing 50,000 tokens. Anyone with a holding of this level gains lifetime access to ActualizeAI outputs as well as perpetual access to the platform’s trading signals. Other perks include making infinite trading watchlists and gaining first access to backtesting. 

Meanwhile, all coin holders receive a say in the platform’s governance and future direction, providing them the chance to help shape the future pathway for the platform as its community, which already numbers over 50,000, continues to grow.

The company has hired Sebastian Diaconu, a veteran of the crypto and trading sectors, as Head of Product to help them through this critical stage. Along with bringing ActualizeAI to market and successfully launching the ASI token, he actively engages with the community through regular AMAs and provides frequent, transparent updates on social media.

In the most recent AMA on 8 December, he shared details and designs for the updated product UI as well as explaining how the new Actualize AI layer will sync with the existing signals service.

ASI price prediction

AltSignals launched its ICO in 2023 and quickly became one of the best new crypto projects with significant growth potential in investors’ minds. Now in its final days, the ICO will end on 29th December 2023, before launching ASI on public markets shortly after. ASI tokens are currently available in stage 2 and priced at just $0.01875 as time ticks away on this undervalued offer.

Experts are already assessing the likely impact of the ASI token once it hits the public consciousness by listing it on major crypto exchanges, with the coin expected to rise to around $0.20 by 2025. With the next Bitcoin halving event scheduled for 2024 and history suggesting that a bull market is likely to follow soon after, these forecasts place AltSignals in pole position to take flight in 2025 and surge past $0.50 very quickly.

What is SUI?

SUI is the native token of the Sui layer-1 blockchain platform, nicknamed in some areas as the “Solana killer.” The platform launched its mainnet in May 2023. It stands out from competitors by using Move, a programming language based on Rust, to offer users instant processing, outstanding scalability, and high-speed, low-cost transactions.

In addition to using Move, Sui sets itself apart from other, older layer-1 blockchain providers by enabling users to use parallel processing of transactions and horizontal scaling, allowing it to keep costs low. The platform uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) smart contract consensus mechanism with an initial overall token supply of 10 billion tokens.

After Binance founder CZ and Tron head honcho Justin Sun discussed Sui in crypto circles, its ICO took off in the minds of investors and quickly became a hot ticket for investors seeking a new blockchain investment that wasn’t just another copycat layer-1 solution, but that offered users something new.

SUI price prediction

In a drive to further increase liquidity, Sui released around $41 million of its SUI token supply for investors to grab at the beginning of December, around 0.7% of its overall token supply. This release should help boost the platform’s liquidity and attract new investors.

While SUI lost more than 15% of its value in the lead-up to the new token drop, it has recovered those losses and is trading at around $0.69 at the time of writing. With the expectation of a new bull market looming just over the horizon, SUI will return to its public launch price of $1.29 before 2025 before hitting $2 during the next bullish run.

AltSignals’ ICO vs. SUI’s token release: Which is the best new crypto investment?

In the race to be the best new crypto investment going into the new year, there’s a clear winner in the battle between AltSignals’ ASI ICO and Sui’s new token release. While Sui offers investors something different from the blockchain norm, AltSignals’ entire ecosystem is unique.

With a vast community of over 50,000 already benefiting from AltSignals’ superb value proposition and the exciting AI development likely to push the platform to new heights, any investor seeking the best new crypto to buy before the new year should get onto the ASI ICO while stocks last.

To buy AltSignals (ASI), visit the official AltSignals website.

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