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DASH price analysis: up by 0.67%

A small, but positive upturn shook the Dash price by surprise as the crypto-market rebounded on the 9th of November leading into the 10th showcasing another bearish move, following-up from the market volatility which dropped the altcoins’ prices beneath the baseline.

A significantly steep rise took the Dash price well beyond its baseline but followed the same path down just as fast before the slightly altering price ensued, taking these fluctuations into the 10th. The 10th has proven fruitful for many currencies thus far, including Dash, whereby, as displayed below, prices are rising beyond the baseline.

1-Day Dash Price Chart (DASH/USD)

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

As the graph above showcases, the price has majorly taken action beneath the baseline of $69.93, with minimal movement above it. The price did not fluctuate too much, instead of at one singular point. However, as the trading was beneath the baseline, it is not too good of a sign solely judging from the price movements. Nevertheless, as the day closed, a rise was seen. The price of Dash varied between $69.75 and $69.65, with a minimum of $69.65 and a maximum of $70.55.

Technical Indicators

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

The majority of the trading showcases a bearish momentum instead of one bullish overrule, which dropped as fast as it rose. At this point, the trading volume surged alongside the Relative Strength Index and the momentum. The value for the RSI here was 75.27, and that of the momentum was +1.7. The momentum then showed an almost mirror image for the drop.

The price closed at $69.48 on the 9th. The 50-Day Simple Moving Average closed at $69.39 while the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average closed at $69.43.

The market capitalization changed between $ 637.74 M and $ 636.97 M, with a drop to $ 636.97 M and a rise to $ 645.13 M. The trading volume differed between $ 314.38 M and $ 342.35 M, with a seven-day moving average of $ 333.44 MM.

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