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Cryptocurrency has become one of the hottest revolutionary topics in the digital world of finance. It is replacing the use of general currencies for many digital entertainment platforms. Many gambling websites are introducing and enabling the use of Cryptocurrencies as futuristic digital resources. The more the list of introduced cryptocurrencies on the internet grows, the more the casinos have opportunities to grow digitally. As a result of the wave of change, many online gamblers have started to seek full use of these currencies on gambling websites. This, however, means that offering various cryptocurrencies for gambling will arise many challenging events that sometimes make it difficult to maintain suitable security protocols and entertainment value for the gambler’s gathering. So, fair to say all the casinos are always under the radar to maintain good quality services along with the best value for entertainment. This review will describe one of the exemplary crypto-based online casinos currently reigning high on the gamblers’ list of favorites. the casino is known to worldwide gamblers as CryptoGames

The crypto casino in review is a curacao-based, fully online-based crypto casino named CryptoGames. With a few simple and undeniably thoughtful services, the platform is known as a highly recommended website for beginner-level crypto gambling. Every element of the casino adds up to its reputation as a leading space among beginners. Apart from all uniquely made games, the casino simultaneously offers top services to everyone through refined UI, creatively engaging events, a friendly supportive community, and three progressive jackpots. There are also additional privileges for VIP membership holders that attract players to today’s fast-paced gambling industry. Inside the architecture, the players can find the latest systems for account security, profitable and low-house edges alongside 10 device-friendly games. It is also offering high-speed transactions of 10 cryptocurrencies. Keep following the brief introductions to get an idea about the offered games at the casino: 

All games at the casino have been handpicked and uniquely created to carry enriched entertainment and lucrative payouts. They provide straightforward guidelines that help anyone to get a clear understanding of the game as quickly as possible. It also comes with an individual list of hotkeys based on the different games for keyboard users. The hotkeys ensure faster game time, which means players can save time while their bets are easily placed using keyboard hotkeys. The games become easy to understand when players look at the detailed manual of games and payout tables. 


The game has a digital and modern outlook of the traditional version. There are simple guidelines and keyboard shortcuts to follow through the games. The objective of the game is straightforward where the digital dice are rolled to make a correct prediction. Players choose either one of the two given conditions, for any bet size. Players get to roll over or under the options. Odds for winning a Dice roll lie between 0.000 to 99.999.  


The traditional 5-reel game machine comes at CryptoGames with both modern and classic essence. The game’s objective rewards the players for each round if they can form any one of the 7 presented winning combinations. The payout combination offered for each combination will differ. You can learn more about the winning combinations and payout distribution at the game’s homepage. The odds of winning a slot spin is 49.73%. The order of the symbols lined up in the winning combinations does not matter as the casino doesn’t have any restrictions on it. 


Many old-school gamblers know Blackjack as CryptoGames’ new digital and modern version of 21. There is an auto bet feature that can help a player run multiple bets under customized settings for several fixed rounds. The crypto version of Blackjack requires a player to win against its dealer without crossing 21 points in total. This might be a little trickier than the players may anticipate at times since keeping the total under the fixed point surely requires a solid strategy. Players of Blackjack can find unfiltered excitement when each card is dealt to them. In Blackjack, keeping the score under 21 can be ensured by using the Double Down, Surrender, or Split options. 


The European version of Roulette comes with simplistic rules and a highly attractive payout margin. By making sure their neighbor bets are accurate, and the positions where they have placed their betting chips are according to solid strategies, the players can polish their gambling skills through this fun game. According to the objective of the game, players are compensated once their ball lands in one of the chosen neighbor bets. 

Video Poker

One of the classic casino games is hands down, Video Poker. Around the casino world, this one is easily labeled as the coolest version of digital Video Poker. CryptoGames offers a straightforward objective for the game where forming a winning combination of 5 cards against the house dealer compensates the player. CryptoGames has three versions of Video Poker under its roof for digital players: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better. All three versions come with a fair chance of winning the lucrative Royal Flush. 


For all fans of the ’80s televised Plinko, the crypto version at the casino successfully continues to be the center of attraction for gamblers worldwide. If, after dropping a ball from the top of the pegged pyramid, it falls into a payout slot at the bottom, players will get compensated according to the amount the shade and the slot holds. There are options for using 4 different shades of balls. The 4 shades individually carry different house edges and payout amounts. 


Another classic but gracefully modernized crypto version Minesweeper is available for the players at CryptoGames with a much easier payout option. The version at the casino offers open options to withdraw earned rewards without clearing out all the mines. The flexible rule is applicable only when the players have not landed on any mine before the withdrawal. Minesweeper at CryptoGames also offers flexibility in choosing the difficulty level according to a player’s skill level or comfort level.  


The game is a revamped design of the classic version Dice. It is one of the best renditions of Dice on the internet. From the architecture of the game, it can be said that the players can easily adjust how their bets are placed for every roll using modern features. The players in the new version aim on rolling their dice on the green zone of the slider. Landing on the green zone indicates that players have correctly predicted the outcome of the roll and chosen the correct option. 


A traditional game of luck that is known to everyone, is Lottery. The version of the game at CryptoGames is a unique one to explore crypto gambling with 4 cryptocurrencies. Players can access the game with the following 4 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Lottery has a personalized countdown timer for all its ongoing rounds that vary depending on the 4 cryptocurrencies. The players can also try calculating their winning odds using the total number of Pot tickets and the sum of rewards for their number of purchased tickets. 


Keno is the newest casino game that is known to gamblers as one of the most rewarding games that require the least amount of effort. It is an underrated game that isn’t added at many modern casinos. The objective of this game is to pick (up to) 10 numbers ranging from 1 to 40 from a field. The game is neatly designed in black and golden colors. The objective of the game can be fulfilled by correctly picking as many numbers as possible. Before starting the game, players can use the min, and max buttons to adjust the size of their bets and even use the random feature to pick the fields randomly. 

Use the following Cryptocurrencies:

These 10 well-recognized cryptocurrencies are deposited using the credit card system backed by Onramper or the traditional deposit address method. They can even be exchanged from a wide number of different cryptocurrencies using an excellent new integrated system, ChangeNOW. All of the available transaction systems are neatly presented with proper instructions on their uses. The available cryptocurrencies to play the games are: 

 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash.

Solana is the recently added crypto token or, say, currency. With its addition to the system, CryptoGames has become the first online crypto casino ever to enable the full use of Solana cryptocurrency for gambling. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Solana is a robust layer-1 blockchain that comes with great scalability, incredibly high throughput (almost 50,000 TPS), and globally low transaction costs for all its users. 

Now, except for the game of Lottery, all 9 other games can be played using the listed 10 cryptocurrencies. The casino’s play currency, PlayMoney will also be available for every player to get access to 9 of the games. However, to win rewards in actual cryptocurrencies, using the actual crypto funds is always recommended for the players. 

Fast access to the Games through Fast Sign-Ups:

All new players at CryptoGames can get access to the games easily as they can start exploring the casino and building up their gambling skill levels right after completing the speedy registration process. The lightning-swift process is one of the critical features of the website’s architecture. The sign-up procedure is completed by following 2 steps and in the shortest time unless it takes the player decades to find a unique username. Once the basic registration process is all done, players can get access to their account, the PlayMoney feature, and the 9 games. For full access to all the features, including financial transactions, players need to ensure that they have completed the entire registration process and created their withdrawal and deposit. 

Fun Promotion, Easy Rewards:

Every time a player creates an account for themselves, the casino presents them with an opportunity to earn easy rewards by sharing the referral links for the promotion of the casino. The casino ensures that on the website there are no phishing links or shady promotional activities. The referral links or promotional links can be shared with friends, acquaintances, or even family members who are crypto gambling enthusiasts. By sharing the referral links every referrer can earn lucrative rewards for themselves. All successful referrers earn 15% off the house edge from every bet placed by referred players. One of the biggest highlights of the rewards from referral links is that referrers still get to take their rewards even if the referred players lose their bets. 

CryptoGames Trying to Provide Users with the Best Experience:

To fulfill its ultimate goal of producing top-quality entertainment for worldwide gamblers, CryptoGames has taken various measures over the years. The casino has repeatedly outdone itself, from working on its architecture to developing new systems to incorporating recent trends. While not many gambling websites care for the players’ mental safety, CryptoGames has already taken necessary measures to provide a safe gambling environment. On the website, there are necessary policies ensuring a responsible gambling community at all costs. They also ensure that all players at CryptoGames get to use the helplines as per their needs in case of unexpected events. Among the community members, every player tries their best to keep up their engagement to strengthen their communication with each other.

Along with the thrilling side of gambling comes the chance of going rogue when there are no responsible gambling policies set for the players; this is precisely why CryptoGames enabled a prevention policy for all on board. This way, the casino successfully tackles many adverse effects and helped many players enjoy safe responsible gambling. CryptoGames simple services raise curiosity among the global community of gamblers (both novice and expert). In this review, an idea about the overall structure of CryptoGames has been given to help you begin your gambling experience and spend your cryptocurrencies for unbiased entertainment. So, stop looking too far on the internet, and search up CryptoGames to create your account today. Hop on to the wagon of crypto gambling with CryptoGames’ pleasing simplicity today. 

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