Crypto Market Heats Up As Litecoin (LTC) And ApeCoin (APE) Hold Strong, But Can TMS Network (TMSN) Keep Up With The Big Players During Phase 2 of Presale?

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2023 has seen a definite resurgence in the global crypto markets, with some coins sprinting away. Litecoin (LTC) and ApeCoin (APE) have shown a steady growth curve since the new year, and newcomer TMS Network (TMSN) – now in the second phase of presale — is tantalizing the markets with an innovative product offering. 

Litecoin (LTC) – Smaller and Faster Drives Higher Yields

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to be a faster and more efficient version of Bitcoin. Created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, Litecoin (LTC) is based on the same open-source code as Bitcoin, but Litecoin (LTC) uses a different mining algorithm than Bitcoin, which allows for faster transaction confirmation times and a higher maximum number of coins that can be mined.

Litecoin (LTC) offers users a few distinct advantages. With a block time of a quarter of Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) has faster transaction times and lower fees. With high liquidity, Litecoin (LTC) is easy to buy and sell. With the ease of use and liquidity pool, it is easy to see why Litecoin (LTC) is going strong.

ApeCoin (APE) – Web3 Player Says Digital Assets Are Here To Stay

Driving Web3 innovation is ApeCoin (APE), the crew behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. While critics accused ApeCoin (APE) of having had its time, ApeCoin (APE) contradicted this with steady growth from the start of the year. Pundits see Web3 as the future of the internet, and those providing solutions to this will see inevitable growth, and ApeCoin (APE) is perfectly poised to take advantage of this. Consistently trading above $100 million per day, ApeCoin (APE) is no small player, and ApeCoin (APE) will become an established coin as Web3 adaptation speeds up.  

ApeCoin (APE) has seen a doubling of its user base since May 2022, sending strong signals that it is here for the long haul.  

TMS Network (TMSN) – Many Innovations Make For Easy Trading

As a fully decentralized exchange, TMS Network (TMSN) offers traders and investors innovative trading tools. TMS Network (TMSN) is giving users – among others – the capacity for price aggregation. A user can place a single order for similar instruments on multiple exchanges, and the system will find the market with the best offer or bid. The TMS Network (TMSN) system will automatically select the best deal for its users.  

Regarding arbitrage opportunities, TMS Network (TMSN) comes equipped with an arsenal of trading signals enabling profiting from price differences between assets. Using real-time information to generate trading signals, TMS Network (TMSN) will find the best trading opportunities on the market.

Along with many other options, TMS Network (TMSN) is exciting investors and traders with its offering. Having sold out in under two weeks in its first phase of presale and generating over $500k, TMS Network (TMSN) tokens can now be purchased at $0.025 during the second phase of presale. 

For more information, follow the links below:  

Presale: https://presale.tmsnetwork.io

Website: https://tmsnetwork.io

Telegram: https://t.me/tmsnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tmsnetworkio

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