Crypto lending platform Vauld Halted all withdrawals

On July 4, Darshan Bathija, who is the CEO of Vauld, indicated that withdrawals would halt. In addition to the state of the market and the financial problems of our biggest business partners, “this is due to a lot of things,”. You can also use best in Bitcoin trading technology; bitcoin 360 ai

All the money those small investors have put in will be frozen when trading, deposits, and withdrawals stop. When this happens, the world economy as a whole will be shrinking. Kroll is now a financial advisor for Vauld, which is the same job he had before he was fired. 

When it comes to collateralized loans, “margin calls” mean that some customers have to put money down to meet the loan terms. The deposits from these customers will be handled in a certain way. 

In June, a number of trading platforms cut the number of employees they had. This is because bad things happened after the Terra ecosystem crashed in the crypto-assets market. 

Bathija wrote on Twitter, “We’ve made the tough decision to cut about 30% of Vauld’s staff.” So that the company can reorganize, the business has stopped for now. They could also ask the Singapore court to stop the case.

In 2018, Vauld was an idea of Sanju Kurian and Bathija. Since then, it has given investors in cryptocurrency assets more options, like fixed deposits and platforms for lending and borrowing backed by assets. 

Last year, Vauld got $27 million in funding from a number of venture capital firms, including Coinbase Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, Pantera Capital, CMT Digital, Cadenza Capital, and Robert Leshner.

Trade-in cryptocurrencies Because the cryptocurrency market is always changing, Vauld has decided to put limits on deposits and withdrawals on all of its platforms. The company says that this decision was made because of “financial problems.” In 2018, Bathija and Sanju Kurian started a business called Vauld. 

People who invest in cryptocurrencies can buy a lot of different things from this store. It includes both platforms for fixed deposit accounts and platforms for asset-based lending and borrowing. We look into why Vauld went out of business.

Financial troubles

In a recent blog post, it was said that no matter how hard Vauld’s management team tries, the company still has money troubles. Because of how the market is right now, the cryptocurrency company said that many customers had asked for their money back. In other words, the drop in the cryptocurrency market was caused by the three things mentioned above.

Since the stock market crashed on June 12, customers have had to withdraw about $198 million, the company said.

Investors are talking about how to change Vauld right now. The company wants to ask the courts in Singapore for a moratorium. This would stop any new or ongoing legal actions against the companies in question. This would give the company the breathing room it needs to make the proposed reorganization.

We hope that this will make it easier for our financial and legal experts to help us figure out if new plans for reorganizing are good or bad.” We believe that this will assist us in determining whether or not the potential solutions for the reorganization are good ones.

Customers of the Vauld platform, please know that we won’t be able to handle any new or additional requests or instructions related to this matter. In a statement, the company said, “Specific arrangements will be made for client deposits to meet margin calls in connection with collateralized loans,” if some customers needed this.


When it was said that 30% of Vauld’s workers will be let go in June, it seemed like the company had been having money problems for a while. The company says it’s doing what it’s doing because of how the economy is doing.

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