Crypto ICO Update — Only 172,413,793 Tokens Remain in Memeinator’s Crypto Presale

With only 172,413,793 Memeinator tokens remaining in the presale, early investors are doubling down in anticipation of what many analysts are referring to as the next crypto to explode. In stage 13 of its 20-stage presale, MMTR tokens are rapidly selling out each stage. This is generating plenty of excitement among early investors, making this crypto presale one of the most recommended, according to CoinJournal.

An impressive $3.9m has already been raised, and investors expect big things from Memeinator, a meme coin with a mission to dominate the meme coin market. With a current $0.0197 price, time is essential for investors looking for 50X potential. 

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator is a futuristic meme coin coming back in time from 2077. Its mission is to purge the meme coin market of ineffectual pretenders, asserting its dominance in the meme coin arena.

The cybernetic protagonist seeks out useless meme coins and feeds them into Memeinator’s GameFi-style battleground game, Meme Warfare. Only the memes with real chops survive here, while the duds are unceremoniously dumped into the forgotten annals of Internet history.

But Memeinator isn’t just playing around. It’s on a mission toward market supremacy, eyeing a hefty billion-dollar market cap. That figure might raise eyebrows, but last year’s meme coin unicorn, Bonk, saw an incredible $1.5b market cap peak in December 2023, proving the previously seen hype with coins like Dogecoin and Pepe can be repeated. 

Bonk, a meme coin that was airdropped in December 2022, saw Its price jump by over 12,000% in late 2023, with a market cap of $1.88 billion at its ATH. Since those highs, Bonk has settled at its current market cap of just over $730 million as of 20th January 2023.

There’s much more to Memeinator than its fun game and mission. It has staking features, with a mouthwatering 45% APY for anyone getting in on the initial staking pool. No wonder early investors are getting excited.

Its roadmap includes getting involved in the DeFi scene and tidbits of news leaking about an NFT project. Added with top-tier brands and influencer alliances, there’s no doubt it will bring more attention to Memeinator and, with it, more investment.

Memeinator already has a merchandise store for all Memeinator paraphernalia and a popular referral scheme to reward forward-thinkers in the Memeinator ecosystem. 

Its presale is already spreading like wild fire across social media. With a burgeoning community of 82K followers on its X (Twitter) account, 7K Discord enthusiasts, and a Telegram group of 13K strong, Memeinator is quickly becoming a movement.

A movement building on the success of last year’s meme coins, Bonk and Pepe. The bull market was only tentatively building last year, but Bonk saw its market cap reach an incredible $1.89b, whereas Pepe pumped to over $1.6b market cap straight after launch. Memeinator could be one of the next crypto meme coins to explode to those levels.

Memeinator’s Tokenomics

Boasting a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Memeinator has an optimal amount for price appreciation. Many cryptos go for a ridiculous amount, which makes the crypto appear cheaper. In contrast, a more limited supply often cultivates scarcity, potentially driving up prices due to heightened demand for the fewer available tokens.

In its presale stage, currently at 13 of this crypto presale and priced at a steal $0.0197, it’s laying down the red carpet for the savvy and the bold. 

The Memeinator tokenomics offer well thought out and rational distribution. 62.50% of MMTR is allocated to the crypto presale, with a further 15% for marketing, 10% for development, 5% for exchange liquidity, and 7.5% for the competition pool, a golden ticket offering trips into space.

Space, you say? That’s right, imagine strapping in for a ride aboard the Virgin Galactic and seeing a close-up of the moon even before the Memeinator price fully lifts off. This $250k prize will be the reality for one lucky Memeinator investor who gets in during the presale. But here’s the thing: the clock is ticking, and with 172,413,793 tokens left, they’re vanishing like stardust. Each stage is selling out quickly, a testament to the feverish demand. 

Memeinator’s time is nigh

2024 is expected to be the biggest year in crypto. Bitcoin’s ETF has launched, and the Bitcoin halving is planned for April. It also looks like governments are warming the money printers to get them working overtime again, and the entire altcoin market will likely take off.

Memeinator will launch at the perfect time, and analysts are unanimous in charting its trajectory skyward. Its mission to clean up the meme coin space will no doubt resonate with meme coin enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

This is the siren call for the gold rush of our digital age—Memeinator’s presale is shuttering in Q1 2024, and with each presale selling out, you don’t want to be the one who has to buy after launch and miss out on an expected 50X or 100X ROI.

Look towards the savvy investors and position yourself early for the next crypto to explode. 

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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