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Crypto Gains: More Than The Hype

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So you might have been wondering about the real deal behind the hype in crypto trading. Many have already made favorable claims based on experience. Now whether you should take them with a grain of salt, you may want to consider the following ideas that may come in handy. 

Listen to what they say but think for yourself. 

Perhaps you have heard many times how Elon Musk has been promoting Bitcoin. Since the entry of Tesla in crypto trading, the top executive has been raving about the income opportunities brought by cryptocurrencies. Fair enough, the company has been making money from buying and selling Bitcoins, too. It would not hurt to promote the cryptocurrency to be able to draw more and more investors that would result in better prices. You should know that the value of these coins depends on market behavior.   

Be that as it may, you should think for yourself. You cannot decide based on the perception of other people, although you may want to keep an open mind. Since crypto trading involves money, you will have to think hard before you get into this kind of undertaking. Fortunately, there are beginner-friendly crypto media portals like BiteMyCoin that offer insights about the market. There you can also see their in-depth prices predictions and broker/tools reviews to get a better understanding of this ever-changing niche.

It is important to assess whether you are prepared to enter into an investment that may take fruition in several months or so. In some cases, it may even stretch to several years. This is why you should prepare for the challenges when it comes to crypto trading. You will have to prepare financially by ensuring that you will be able to keep yourself afloat. That means you should have enough savings to meet your financial needs for a particular period. At least you will not end up selling your coins even at low prices to sustain your need for liquidity. 

Make your own experience and take some lessons. 

Not because someone has succeeded in his or her crypto trading activity, you will also share the same fate. There might be a likelihood that you can also share the same success, but you cannot expect a guarantee. You will have to tread your path, so you better gear up to be able to learn the ropes. All it takes is to make your own experience and take some lessons in every success or failure. This way, you can make the most of your crypto trading venture.

Remember that you may not be able to win every time. There will be instances when you will have to learn the lessons the hard way. Perhaps you failed to catch the peak price due to inadvertence that you ended up in frustration. Do not be too hard on yourself. You can always make use of another opportunity to compensate for the losses sustained. Who knows? The chance of a lifetime might have just been waiting around the corner until you decide to try again. Crypto trading can be a gamble considering the risks involved but know that you can have more chances of winning on this platform. After all, you can always take a cue from the behaviour of prices.

Know when it is too good to be true 

In Europe, you might have heard of the notorious crypto queen. She created hype around the cryptocurrency called OneCoin, which was pegged as the greatest rival of Bitcoin. There was even a launching event that was televised to lure more and more investors. The prices were pretty stable, creating an upward trend that further drew the interest of current and prospective crypto traders. Some have even poured all their savings into buying the cryptocurrency considering the promising feat. Yet, it is unfortunate that not all that glitter is gold. 

What happened next? After several years of creating hype around OneCoin, investment had ballooned that the crypto queen decided to run away with the loot. It was devastating for multitudes of investors who were left hanging empty-handed. There is no update yet as to the whereabouts of the perpetrator still being searched by authorities. With a huge scam worth £4bn that brought several investors to their knees, a lot of people are waiting for justice to be served. 

Hopefully, this could serve as a lesson for every investor. Not every popular crypto coin is legitimate. It might be part of the modus operandi to gain more and more followers that would multiply the loot. You have to be careful in checking the background of the developer. For instance, the crypto queen was a notorious scammer with pending cases involving fraud. Had the investors known this beforehand, they could have protected themselves from the dangers of getting scammed all along. 

Learn how to handle risks

What you should know about crypto trading is that you will deal with ample risks. The crypto asset is characterized by volatile prices that can go up and down at any time. It is for this reason that you should be closely monitoring the prices to make the right decision at a particular time. Your buying and selling decisions will have to be based on the current buying and selling prices. When prices are high, it is advisable to sell your coins. And the contrary rings true when it comes to buying coins. 

Now you have to be familiar with the price history to be able to identify what is high and what is low. You can do this by browsing some line graphs illustrating how prices go up and down over a period, whether it is over a day, a month, or a year. You can find the data in your crypto exchange and other crypto websites.

Aside from the risks arising from volatile prices, you should also consider some security issues and concerns. You have to be mindful of your crypto account so as not to be a victim of hacking. Remember that you cannot share your crypto credentials with anyone as much as possible. This way, you can ensure that your account is private.


Without a doubt, crypto gains are so much more than the hype surrounding them. You can only know how you will fare in this business the moment you try it yourself. Feel free to take your chances in crypto trading as you buy and sell coins at the right prices.

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