Crypto Experts Favorite Choices For August: Gnox (GNOX), Cosmos Hub (ATOM) And Chain (XCN)

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Investors need to prepare themselves. After weeks of red candles, soaring inflation reports, and another rate hike, the market sentiment has finally reversed. Bitcoin has been oversold for the past few weeks signalling that its trading price has been below its intrinsic value. Peak inflation appears to have passed, meaning the bottom has arrived, and the only direction going forward is up. Crypto experts have selected three projects, Gnox (GNOX), Cosmos Hub (ATOM), and Chain (XCN), which will outperform the rest.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is the first of its kind and represents a new instance of reflection token. Built to provide passive income for its investors and simplify the complex process of DeFi (decentralised finance) earning, this token represents a single investment vehicle to gain exposure to DeFi. Slated to launch on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) in Q3 this year, experts have signalled that this token will launch spectacularly in the prevailing market conditions.

Gnox’s mechanics are built around sustainable and growth-focused yields. The protocol’s treasury, responsible for earning for the investor, is funded via buy and sell taxes and set to accumulate over time. Every 30 days, the proceeds generated by the treasury are split amongst GNOX holders, and given the fact this fund is designed to grow, Gnox will experience continued growth as the market prices in the reflections.

Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

Cosmos will be an essential player and component of the blockchain space moving forwards. Cosmos introduces an internet of blockchains and allows the exchange of assets and data from one discreet blockchain to another. Currently, the digital asset space is highly adversarial, highlighted by the monikers given to layer one projects such as ‘Ethereum Killers’.

The future is multi-chain, and the ability for sovereign blockchains to interact with each other will be paramount to the success of blockchain as a whole. Cosmos introduces its IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol which will bring a tangled web of singular blockchains into a unified whole. ATOM trades at $10.90, facing no clear resistance until $14, and if the bulls win this battle, the next target is $26; making ATOM an excellent choice for August.

Chain (XCN)

Chain is a crypto project targeting one of the most lucrative verticals in the digital asset space. Chain is leveraging blockchain technology to supplement TradFi (traditional finance). Chain’s flagship product is Sequence, a ledger as a service product, that allows businesses to track and transfer balances in tokenised form. This cloud blockchain infrastructure is helping companies to create better financial services.

XCN is the native token and is how companies and organisations pay for Chain’s services. As the demand Sequence grows, so does buy pressure on XCN leading to appreciation. This crypto stands at two hundred and sixth ranked by market cap and easily has the potential to break into the top hundred. Trading at $0.09, XCN represents another brilliant choice for August.

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