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Mintme.com presents itself as a crypto crowdfunding service that allows influencers to create a crypto token to represent their brand or their idea, and have their followers donate to them by buying these tokens.

It aims to be an alternative to more mainstream crowdfunding and tipping services such as Patreon or Ko-Fi but with the advantages of cryptocurrency, which is a very sought-after feature, as the world of crypto keeps on growing and reaching every part of our daily lives.

The service is currently focusing its efforts on expanding its platform. Broadening their audience and refining their presentation are some of the details left to iron out on a service that already has captivated an audience of more than 45 thousand users, of which 10 thousand have successfully used our platform to create a unique token and have delved into the social features the service has to offer, on top of the exchange and market characteristics it also has. 

Their ideas have the potential for huge growth while also being a social platform that could contribute to up-and-coming talents and even charity organizations looking for a free alternative to tokenize their ideas. 

As we have noticed with the development of more and more crypto technologies, Blockchain tech is slowly becoming a very integral part of the economy and there is a market for more crypto alternatives to mainstream services. Mintme fills in one of these niches and does it while also keeping a transparent and user-friendly approach.

We could think about their service as a new breed of Patreon that gives people the freedom of not having to use fiat currency in order to monetize their fame and talent. No need to jump hurdles like dealing with restrictions or policies, which can also differ greatly depending on the country the user is residing in. 

Another advantage would be that of not having to deal with the bureaucracy related to fiat banking and loan borrowing. By simply making a crypto wallet in a couple of minutes, the platform already allows you to cash out your gains and only taxes their users with a small fee for such transactions.

Their platform is already being used actively every day. They have achieved this success just from goodwill and word of mouth from their active users, as they currently inject most of their funds into the development of the platform and into adding more features as requested by token creators and traders in their platform.

The founder and CEO of mintme.com Artur Makowka has already worked on another successful business related to web hosting, which became the most used web hosting service in Poland. Mintme became a passion project for him and he’s committed to supporting it for years to come.

Some of the features they plan to bring in the near future would include the implementation of Non Fungible Tokens, as well as other interactive features for users to fully take advantage of their regular Mintme tokens as a utility on top of having them represent their loyalty towards the creator they support. There are also plans to eventually turn the platform into a fully decentralized service, and being able to participate in interactive experiences with these tokens.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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