Crypto Crash: AVAX and XLM in Freefall; MTAUR About to Blast Off?

The cryptocurrency market is going through a rough patch, with major tokens like Avalanche (AVAX) and Stellar (XLM) taking a hit. Avalanche (AVAX) is struggling to hold its support, causing concern among investors. Stellar (XLM) is also facing downward pressure, reflecting broader market instability. Factors like recent Federal Reserve statements are affecting sentiment and leading to less investment in cryptocurrencies.

Despite the market’s bearish trend, a new blockchain gaming project is generating buzz with its presale. Continue reading to learn about this newcomer and get updates on the established assets mentioned above.

Minotaurus: Seize the Early Bird Opportunity

Let’s kick things off with a new contender, Minotaurus. Currently in presale, Minotaurus is making waves in the blockchain gaming sector. The project is being noted for impressive maze-running gameplay – obstacles, hidden treasures, and seamless mobile gaming all make it very appealing. 

The Minotaurus presale offers an exceptional entry point for early participants. Get $MTAUR, the ecosystem’s native token, at a 80% price cut during the first presale stage, for just $0.00004 per coin.

Minotaurus Gameplay and Plot

As a game Minotaurus promises exciting experiences to everyone. Playing as Minotaur, you run endlessly to combat your enemies, traversing the labyrinth with plenty of hidden riches and challenges. Various Minotaurs have different appearances and powers, which influences your gameplay in a significant way.

$MTAUR Token Utility

Minotaurus uses the $MTAUR token, which you can exchange for in-game currency and then access the following:

  • Customizable Avatar: Change how Minotaur looks.
  • Boosts & Consumables: Temporary buffs (like speed and shields) through single-use objects.
  • Gameplay Depth: Unlock exclusive regions, equip objects for both passive/active ability improvements.
  • In-Game Purchases: Packs, tools, and characters can all be acquired in the in-game market.
  • Collectibles Friend Incentives: Bonuses for socializing and collectible cards/albums help make the experience more fun;
  • Immersive Setting and Plot: Against the backdrop of a classical tale, you are free to forge your own story while soaking in the atmosphere.

Why Minotaurus Stands Out?

Minotaurus is a dynamic ecosystem designed to captivate and incentivize holders. Let’s see what sets it apart:

  • With the early-bird price of $0.00004 during the presale stage 1, any crypto enthusiast can join Minotaurus, even on a tight budget. At the final sales stage, the token price is set at $0.00020 per coin. 
  • The project’s smart contract has been thoroughly audited by top blockchain security firms SolidProof and Coinsult, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for both holders and players.
  • The casual gaming industry, valued at $14.78 billion, is projected by Statista to grow by over 9% annually. Minotaurus might be well-positioned to capture a slice of this expanding market with its hybrid-casual gameplay. Notably, there were 5.9 billion downloads of games in this genre on the App Store and Google Play in 2023, according to SensorTower.

Become a Minotaurian Today

The presale pool for $MTAUR tokens is limited, and such opportunities don’t last long. Get your tokens now to benefit from the early-bird price cut and position yourself in a project with significant upside potential and memorable gameplay.

>> Presale is Open – Grab Your $MTAUR Tokens at 80% on the Official Site Now! <<

Use the unique passphrase OUT144 at checkout to receive a 5% bonus on your $MTAUR tokens. This passphrase is only valid for 48 hours after the presale launch, so act quickly!

Avalanche (AVAX): Market Volatility and Key Support Levels

Now, let’s shift our focus to digital assets struggling to navigate market turbulence. Avalanche (AVAX) has recently faced a significant downturn, experiencing a 28% drop since early June. This decline has pushed Avalanche (AVAX) to a crucial support level at $25, a key threshold not seen since December 2023. 

The drop comes amid broader market volatility, with Avalanche (AVAX) falling below critical technical indicators like the daily Ichimoku Cloud and exponential moving averages, signaling a strong bearish sentiment. This downward trend has been exacerbated by the Bitcoin (BTC) decline, highlighting the vulnerability of Avalanche (AVAX) to larger market movements.

The current bearish outlook for Avalanche (AVAX) is reflected in the technical charts. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates an oversold environment, with the metric dipping to 28. On-chain data shows a growing number of addresses holding Avalanche (AVAX) are now out of the money, with the percentage increasing from 36.69% to 49.94% over the past few weeks. This shift indicates a rising bearish sentiment among holders, potentially leading to increased selling pressure as participants look to cut their losses.

Looking ahead, Avalanche’s (AVAX) ability to hold the $25 support level will be crucial. If this level is breached, the next strong support lies at $20. However, should Bitcoin recover and climb back to the $68,000-$69,000 range, Avalanche (AVAX) could see a reversal and rise above $30. Despite the current bearish trend, the overall network growth and rising number of addresses holding Avalanche (AVAX) indicate long-term potential. Yet, the immediate outlook remains cautious, with significant downside risks if broader market conditions do not improve.

Stellar (XLM): Declining Trading Volumes and Critical Price Points

Finally, we have Stellar (XLM) that has also been underperforming, with a 15% decline in the past month. The token’s spot and derivatives markets have seen a significant drop in trading activity, with derivatives trading volume hitting a one-month low. This decline indicates waning trader interest and uncertainty about the future price action of Stellar (XLM). The derivatives market volume has plummeted by 52% in the past 24 hours alone, reflecting a broader bearish sentiment.

The recent performance of Stellar (XLM)  has been marked by a breach of a critical support level at $0.10, which was held from April to early June. The token has since hovered around the $0.09 mark, forming a new support level. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Stellar (XLM) is currently at 36.31, suggesting that selling pressure is outweighing buying momentum. This bearish indicator points to further potential declines if demand continues to drop.

The outlook for Stellar (XLM) remains challenging. If the current demand slump persists, the token could fall to $0.08, presenting further difficulties for holders. However, a sudden increase in demand could invalidate this bearish projection, potentially pushing Stellar (XLM) back to $0.10. The key for Stellar (XLM) will be to stabilize its trading volumes and attract renewed interest from traders. While the current environment is pessimistic, any positive developments in the broader market or within the Stellar (XLM) network could provide a much-needed boost.


The cryptocurrency market turmoil has led to major declines for Avalanche (AVAX) and Stellar (XLM), raising widespread concern. Avalanche (AVAX) failed to maintain crucial support levels, weakening market sentiment, while Stellar (XLM) faced significant downward pressure with plummeting trading volumes. 

Amidst this challenging environment, Minotaurus (MTAUR) emerges as a potential beacon of hope. Minotaurus is leveraging its presale stage to attract attention with an 80% discount on tokens. Its captivating gameplay, strategic positioning in the gaming sector, and a low entry point could make Minotaurus a promising contender with the potential to take off.

Learn more about Minotaurus:

Website: http://minotaurus.io/

Announcements: https://t.me/minotaurus_official

Chat: https://t.me/minotaurus_chat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minotaurus_io

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