Credits Blockchain Launches a Loyalty Program for “Sevastopol” Hotel

Credits Blockchain Platform declares the start of a loyalty program for Sevastopol Hotel clients. The collaborative project implies the use of blockchain technology and will act as a new landmark in the development of the hotel industry. 

The digital economy affects all areas of our life and can considerably facilitate everyday marketing processes! At this point, blockchain technology is gaining popularity. An illustrious representative in this field is the Credits company, which works on the software market. The platform can be integrated with different enterprise sectors and makes it possible to ensure full safety of data recording and the performance of both regional and global transactions.  

The project suggests the use of a blockchain-based loyalty program for the clients of the hotel. To date, a mobile app is in the process of development and will permit customers to accumulate bonuses. The use of the blockchain platform will transform loyalty points into digital assets. Having obtained bonuses, clients will be able to turn them into fiat money, trade them on exchanges, or share them with their friends. The new option offers an embedded wallet and all the required infrastructure elements. Hotel customers will be able to get all the required tools in one interface.

The application of blockchain technology in the hotel industry permits the business to obtain substantial competitive benefits in the market. Blockchain technology possesses great potential, which makes it possible to implement new IT solutions, enhance the use of the Internet of things, and also automate and facilitate the existing commercial processes.

GC “Sevastopol” 

The hotel was established in 1979, right before the Olympic Games. The placement of this hotel is marked by transport availability to the main airports of Moscow. In recent decades, the hotel has built a coherent team of experts, which has great experience in working with guests and participants of main governmental and business events like Olympics-80, Goodwill Games 1986, 2017 Confederations Cup and many other local and world festivals and contests, sporting events and other festive events.  

Credits Blockchain Platform

This is a decentralized and open blockchain platform for the promotion and enforcement of smart contracts and decentralized apps. The program provides both public and private solutions appropriate for B2B and B2C markets addressing the issues of trust and indeterminacy. The main feature of Credits is a high-performance decentralized blockchain platform processing about a million transactions per second with low commissions. The platform is designed for the development of autonomous smart contracts and decentralized apps.