Cosmos (ATOM) and Monero (XMR) Holders Seeking Huge Portfolio Growth Should Look Towards Digitoads (TOADS) and Its 450% Growth Presale

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Cryptocurrencies are on the move after a rollercoaster 2022 that saw some projects implode and others collapse amid the crypto winter. Cosmos (ATOM) and Monero XMR are some projects on the rise. Nevertheless, it is DigiToads (TOADS) that any investor seeking huge portfolio growth should focus on as the overall sector turns bullish.

DigiToads P2E and NFT Staking Plans

DigiToads is a new project on the cusp of revolutionizing the meme tokens space while doubling up as a play to earn a token. Its edge against Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogelons Mars stems from its proven utility and use case as it moves to impact various aspects of life. The project seeks to offer token holders a reliable way of earning through NFT staking, play-2-earn gaming, and appreciation of the native TOADS token.

Consequently, it has established a play 2 earn ecosystem operating as a web 3 game whereby people can nurture and battle unique DigiToads. Gamers only have to acquire, trade, or win one-of-a-kind DigiToads. The DigiToads come with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Players will have to make their DigiToads the strongest in the swamp by purchasing food options and training equipment to increase their size and strength. In the end, holders of the strongest and biggest DigiToads are to get rewarded using TOADS tokens.

DigiToads is to retain 50% of the funds collected from selling items in the game to reward players who come on top. The model is to provide a chance for every player to earn real money. In addition, it has committed to using 2.5% of the money generated from the DigiToads project to fund charity programs.

TOADS token holders will also have the opportunity to stake their non-fungible tokens in the ecosystem. In return, they are to be rewarded thanks to an NFT staking platform that generates 2% from every transaction in the network.

Additionally, there will be multiple trading competitions on a chain with prizes to be won. The competitions are to take place over the course of a year, allowing people to win Platinum Toads every month. Furthermore, each Platinum Toad is to accord the holder remote access to 1/12 of TOADS in treasury, ensuring every member is in control.

TOADS is the native token that is to power the DigiToads ecosystem acting as a medium of exchange. The native token is projected to surge in value, given the exclusive perks and benefits it offers users. In addition to the price increase, it also provides holders an opportunity to earn some passive income through NFT staking and the opportunity to earn some returns through play-2-earn.

TOADs are deflationary tokens, with the total number of tokens that will ever be in circulation capped at 585 million. A token burn mechanism will ensure a reduction in tokens in supply expected to limit its supply amid high demand, therefore, fuel value.

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Cosmos Blockchain Interoperability

As DigiToads brings utility to the meme coin space, Cosmos is another project worth paying attention to amid its bid to enhance interconnecting of various blockchains. If the cryptocurrency sector is to achieve its full potential, project like Cosmos that will enable the same by enhancing blockchain interoperability

Consequently, it’s been dubbed the internet of blockchains on ensuring different blockchains can communicate with one another and share vital information. In addition, its blockchain is built to be scalable and process transactions quickly and cheaply. Finally, its native token ATOM bounced back in 2023 as the overall cryptocurrency sector bottoms out.

Monero for Privacy

In a world where privacy is a major issue, Monero is an important project for investors looking to gain exposure in the burgeoning sector.

The privacy coin enhances how people send and receive money and information on the blockchain while remaining anonymous.

Unlike in other blockchains, every user on the Monero blockchain is anonymous, and every transaction is private. Monero boasts of a big developer community and is a firm favorite for enthusiasts who favor their privacy. The privacy aspect has continued to fuel demand for the native XMR token.

Bottom Line

The future is on cryptocurrency projects that can transform people’s way of life. DigiToads is one project that promises significant rewards by providing unique ways to earn some passive income on the blockchain. It’s an innovative token offering NFT staking and play 2 earn gaming, presents tremendous opportunities for growth.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community

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