CAIZcoin Introduces In The CryptoSphere The First Blockchain Ecosystem based on Islamic Financial Principles

CAIZ Press 18.09.232

Bratislava, Date- CAIZ, a leading fintech company based in the European Union since 2020, has established itself in the market as the front runner of the financial renaissance 4.0 that is taking place in this hyper-advanced period for the blockchain industry. 

Since its launch, CAIZ has been providing state-of-the-art blockchain solutions tailored to follow Islamic law principles (Fiqh). The key elements -CAIZcoin the cryptocurrency and the Caiz Blockchain- are putting in first place financial inclusion, ethical banking, and technological innovation in order to shape for the better the entire financial landscape that leaves out at least 2.2 billion people. 

As an ERC20 token, CAIZcoin is taking the lead in the across-the-industry changes of the blockchain. In the first quarter of 2024, the fintech company intends to move the token onto the native Caiz Blockchain, allowing users to easily transition from the existing token to the new native token. The reliability and effectiveness of the blockchain ecosystem are anticipated to be greatly boosted as an effect of this development.

CAIZcoin Is the Bridge To Financial Inclusion With Ethical Standards

The need for action to tackle the severe problem of financial exclusion, which affects a substantial percentage of the global population, particularly in developing countries, is at the root of CAIZcoin’s mission. The underlying causes of this exclusion are multiple and involve a lack of trust in traditional banking institutions, expensive account fees, inconvenient banking hours, locations, and doubts concerning privacy and compliance with ethical standards. CAIZcoin dedicates itself to handling these challenges front-on by providing an extensive assortment of financial products and services that comply with Islamic Fiqh principles and ethical standards.

One of the fundamental notions guiding the development of CAIZcoin and the CAIZ Blockchain is the avoidance of “Riba,” or “interest.” Another principle, “Ghara,” forbids risk trading and the selling of anything that has not yet been achieved, limiting profit from another person’s uncertainty. On the CAIZ Blockchain, this principle bans leverage trading, futures trading, and shorting or longing an asset.

CAIZcoin has crafted an ecosystem that does not consent to enter products, services, and companies associated with alcohol, narcotics, explicit material, gambling, and violence as a way to be consistent with Islamic finance requirements.

The integration of moral values into the CAIZ Blockchain points out CAIZcoin’s effort to align with Islamic financial regulations while bridging an extensive technological innovation that heavily separates the blockchain and traditional banking industries.

One of the biggest barriers to financial inclusion is the shortage of basic transaction accounts, which serve as entry points to additional financial services such as mortgages and investments. Individuals in still-developing or emerging economies are disproportionately affected by this issue. CAIZ as an ecosystem aims to close this gap by offering accessible, efficient, and cost-effective financial services to underserved and unserved groups worldwide.

The CAIZ Ecosystem Meets The Needs Of New Consumers 

The CAIZ ecosystem is built on a strong governance layer and a well-governed environment that respects and sustains moral principles. This assures that the ecosystem corresponds to Islamic financial principles and advances the future of banking by presenting consumers and businesses with more stability, transparency, optimal energy utilization, and lower financial expenses.

CAIZcoin’s ever-present dedication to ethical financial products and services is reinforced by Fatwas, which are issued by respected Islamic Scholars. The EU-Fintech company concentrates on satisfying its users’ demands and seeks to give real value by creating long-term relationships with those it serves.

CAIZcoin proposes a financial system based on ethical principles that prioritize the long-term well-being of individuals, families, societies, and the environment in a world where financial inclusion is still a major challenge. 

CAIZcoin opens a warm welcome to individuals as well as organizations to join this pioneering project and actively participate in establishing a more ethical and inclusive financial future.

About Caiz 

Caizcoin stands as the premier Islam-compliant Blockchain Ecosystem rooted in the EU

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