BudBlockz Highly Anticipated Ganja Guruz NFTs Could Become Market Leaders On Opensea


 BudBlockz has proven to be one of the most promising blockchains and cryptocurrency projects in 2022 and beyond by selling out in its private sale and having a successful start to its presale. Investors who jumped on the BudBlockz bandwagon earlier on its private sale have already seen more than 70% growth in the value of their BLUNT tokens, despite 2022 being an otherwise sluggish year for the cryptocurrency sector.

BudBlockz has announced that they will soon launch their core line of Non-fungible tokens known as Ganja Guruz on the NFT marketplace Opensea

On the surface, this announcement is not remarkable news since most NFT-intensive cryptocurrencies already have their NFTs listed in Opensea. However, by waiting until the second phase of its presale to announce the details of its NFT collection, BudBlockz has set itself apart from earlier cannabis-themed NFTs.

Owning Ganja Guruz NFTs is Important

Ganja Guruz NFTs capture the true fun and freedom spirit of the cannabis community. However, they also play a central part in the BudBlockz business model.

Owning Ganja Guruz NFTs is the key to enjoying the full array of opportunities in the BudBlockz blockchain. With Ganja Guruz, users can access BudBlockz arcade and BudBlockz’s P2E gaming platform made up of vintage-inspired games from the 1990s.

Again, Ganja Guruz being the key to accessing and enjoying BudBlockz gaming arcade is not a unique feature as most cannabis-themed coins and meme coins such as Shiba Inu have done that in the past. However, Ganja Guruz set itself apart from such coins by supporting the BudBlockz network’s business innovations. Ganja Guruz holders are considered full members of the BudBlockz ecosystem. They can access the cannabis marketplace, BudBlockz arcade, the NFT platform, and other members-only features in the network. By purchasing Ganja Guruz, investors also become partial owners of BudBlockz cannabis-related businesses, cafes, dispensaries, and farms. 

Ganja Guruz also allow BudBlockz users to get special discounts whenever they purchase cannabis products from the marketplace and memberships to all BudBlockz dispensaries. The NFT holders will also receive exciting prizes as BudBlockz continues to fulfill its ambitious roadmap.

The Benefits of Purchasing BudBlockz Highly Anticipated Ganja Guruz NFTs

Unlike most NFT marketplaces that promote and sell the products and collectibles associated with the NFT exclusively, Ganja Guruz holders will have a chance to join in on the action. They can design and create their own cannabis-inspired NFT collectibles and then market and sell them on the platform’s marketplace along with their Ganja Guruz NFTs. 

Ganja Guruz holders can also sell their fractional ownership stakes and NFT collectibles to anyone, including users who are not registered as BudBlockz community members. It will create a unique opportunity for Ganja Guruz holders to expand their income capabilities beyond staying at their BLUNT  tokens and owning Ganja Guruz NFTs.

Final Word

Bearing in mind the characteristics that Ganja Guruz NFTs possess, there is no doubt that the NFTs will revolutionize the cannabis NFT landscape and become a big hit once they are launched on the Opensea marketplace. As an investor, it would be wise to become part of the project as soon as it is launched in December 2022 so you, too, can reap the future benefits of the BudBlockz ecosystem and Ganja Guruz NFTs.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

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