Breaking News: The 3 things That Will Send Bitgert Coin’s Price Soaring


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The Cryptocurrency market has been on a surge lately, with new coins and altcoins gaining traction and momentum. While there have been major predictions about the current industry trends and exchange market, one coin is delivering on its promising features in 2024 – Bitgert.

This blockchain project has become the main target for investors, giving already established crypto coins like Ethereum and Solana a run for their money. This is also linked to the fact that the Bitgert coin is integrated with massive utilities, helpful to crypto traders and not relying on hype alone. The growth it has attained in recent months is a clear testament that the coin has caught the attention of the crypto community.

So what is the hype around this new blockchain project? Here are three forces that would send Bitgert Coin prices soaring:

Bitgert’s Unique Features

What makes Bitgert so unique and a top coin amongst its competitors is due to its promising features. It has a cutting edge layer 1 blockchain technology which can process an ATS rounding 100,000 transactions per second. It also has a lightning  fast performance, exceptionally low costs and Proof of Authority consensus methodology which helps with scalability and energy efficiency.

Bitgert Partnerships and Adoption

The Bigert coin has been making huge achievements in the crypto community, attracting high profile collaborations and partnerships with some of the biggest industry leaders. Top exchanges like Kucoin, Hotbit, Media partners like Cointelegraph, and Defi like DEXTod have all interpreted within the Bitgert ecosystem. 

These partnerships not only lend credibility but provide a wide distribution channel to drive mainstream adoption of the Bitgert BRC20 Token BRISE at a rapid rate.

The 60% price surge over the past months has shown a clear indication for its up move for 100x gains. More than all its trading volume, nearing $1.73million daily, proves that traders are interested in getting the  BRISE coin for the next bull run. As adoption expands and increases, Bitgert price trajectory will continue accelerating towards a 100x milestone.

Bitgert EVM Compatibility

Bitgert achieved another mind-blowing success in the industry with the compatibility with the ethereum virtual machine (EVM). This move has been able to effectively bridge the gap between the decentralized blockchain and Bitgert scalable architecture.

Developers can now easily port their Ethereum based projects to the Bitgert ecosystem without worrying about slow transition speeds and high gas fees. This has led to a high form of adoption. Besides the scalability, the near zero gas fees feature of burgers makes it arguably a better option than Ethereum.

Join this crypto wave that is garnering attention now by making an investment!

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