Blockify- The Decentralized Facebook


Blockify aims to become your all-in-one DeFi shop.

Decentralized finance has come a long way. Remember your first transaction? After juggling 5+ tabs on your browser, you gazed at Etherscan’s mint green block confirmation feeling like you’d just contributed to the future of finance. You felt so cool, you even told a friend about it — convinced them to finally break up with Coinbase and trade on the wild side.

Except for your friend quickly got lost. And so did you. Instead of the “easy, open finance” you were both promised, you found yourselves in a world of gas prices, pending transactions, vaults, pools, AMMs, degens, and financial advice spewed out in 17-thread Tweetstorms by Chads and sushi chefs

We know that most users have had little choice when it comes to how they access crypto, which is why centralized exchanges have survived for so long. But what if I told you things have changed in a big way? What if you could complete every step of the DeFi journey — from exploring new assets and placing a trade, to investing in complex primitives and tracking your portfolio — all from one place?

Blockify integrates every major DeFi protocol and liquidity provider, which means your favourite portfolio tracker just became the easiest and cheapest place to invest in DeFi.

Stacking the DeFi journey into one experience

Whether you’re a DeFi native, finally making the jump from centralized crypto exchanges, or transferring directly from traditional finance, Blockify is now the one place that supports all of these actions:

  1. Exploring new assets
  2. Single-transaction investments
  3. Accurate portfolio tracking
  4. Exploring new assets

Exploring new assets

CoinGecko +CoinMarket Cap + Uniswap + Portfolio = Blockify 

Keeping up with the market has never been easy, which is why we built the Explore and Market pages. Here you can filter assets by type, sort by performance, search tags, and dive deeper by clicking on individual tokens.

Blockify- The Decentralized Facebook 1

Trade every asset

Blockify lets you buy and sell DeFi tokens in a single transaction. Blockify will support trades for thousands of tokens — including Uniswap, Balancer, and Curve pools; yearn vaults; social tokens, and more.

The execution engine picks the best route for trades, offering a liquidity channel to every decentralized exchange (DEX), DEX aggregator, and automated market maker (AMM):

Blockify is developing a single-transaction trade feature with optimized routing made possible through DeFi SDK, a library of smart contracts that acts as a universal adapter for every DeFi protocol.

Get Social

Blockify will enable non-technical users to acquire, track and manage assets on many leading DeFi protocols. Blockify is building an integrated experience that overcomes the fragmentation, complexity, and lack of trust in decentralized financial products that have, to date, held back the adoption of Defi. 

The lack of verifiable information has created a roadblock in crypto adoption, Blockify has created an environment where projects can interact and disseminate information directly to their communities in a verifiable method via blockchain technology. 

Accurate portfolio tracking

Track your entire portfolio 

  • See your previous transactions directly on asset pages.
  • Push notifications will tell you exactly what’s happening in your portfolio, all the time.
  • Finally, Blockify has designed the history page to be accessible as possible, with a search bar to filter by token and transaction type e.g. “send”, “deposit”, and “receive”.

Tying it all together

Up until now, centralized exchanges have been the most convenient option for people to interact with crypto — but that’s changing, fast. Blockify is building the most user-friendly DeFi aggregator that unifies the market rather than competes with it.

The next time you tell your friend about DeFi, you can rest assured that participating in the exciting world of open finance is going to be as easy (almost 😉) as using platforms like Robinhood or Coinbase.

Connect with Blockify to stay updated! 

Website: https://blockify.com/

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