Blockchain Research Companies/Centers in the Middle East: Pushing Boundaries Without Intermediaries

Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary force, transforming industries with its decentralized, secure, and transparent approach. It’s not just a buzzword anymore; it’s a driving force behind innovations in finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more. As the world adopts blockchain, it’s crucial to highlight the vital role blockchain research companies and centers play in its development.

Blockchain’s Significance

Blockchain, at its core, is a distributed ledger technology. It enables trust in digital transactions without the need for intermediaries. This innovation is reshaping how we store and share information, conduct transactions, and even vote. Its significance lies in its potential to reduce fraud, streamline processes, and empower individuals with ownership of their data.

The Role of Research Companies/Centers

Blockchain’s evolution relies heavily on the research conducted by various institutions and companies. These entities explore blockchain’s technical intricacies, scalability, security, and real-world applications. They are the pioneers who push the boundaries and uncover new possibilities.

Importance in the Middle East

In the Middle East, blockchain research holds immense economic and technological promise. With a burgeoning interest in fintech and a vision for smart cities, blockchain can address challenges related to security, transparency, and efficiency. Research in this region can catalyze growth, fuel innovation, and position Middle Eastern countries as blockchain hubs.

This article aims to provide insight into the leading blockchain research centers and companies in the Middle East. It will showcase the institutions at the forefront of blockchain innovation, shedding light on their contributions to this transformative technology. Whether you’re an enthusiast, investor, or simply curious about the future of blockchain in the Middle East, this list will guide you to the key players shaping the landscape.

Regional Focus on Blockchain in the Middle East

Blockchain has grabbed the attention of governments and the private sector across the Middle East. Its potential to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency has ignited interest in various countries in the region.

Government Initiatives

Governments in the Middle East, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have been proactive in promoting blockchain research. They view it as a means to transform their economies into tech-driven powerhouses. The UAE, for instance, launched the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, aiming to conduct 50% of government transactions using blockchain technology. Saudi Arabia established the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, further showcasing their commitment to technological advancement.

Private Sector Involvement

The private sector is equally invested in blockchain research. Companies across industries are exploring blockchain’s potential. For example, the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) established a “Blockchain Hive” to support and develop blockchain-related businesses. The healthcare sector in the Middle East is also leveraging blockchain for patient data security and interoperability.

Case Examples

UAE: Dubai’s “Blockchain Strategy” aims to make Dubai the world’s first blockchain-powered government by 2020. Dubai’s Blockchain Center is a hub for innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

Saudi Arabia: The National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain focuses on blockchain development, AI, and big data analytics.

Israel: Although not part of the Middle East geographically, Israel is a significant player in the blockchain scene. Tel Aviv, in particular, hosts numerous blockchain startups and research centers.

Blockchain in Various Sectors

Finance: Banks in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are exploring blockchain for cross-border payments and trade finance.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry is adopting blockchain for secure patient data management. In the UAE, the Ministry of Health and Prevention is utilizing blockchain for health records.

Supply Chain: The transparency and traceability of blockchain are being used to enhance supply chain efficiency. Companies in the UAE are piloting blockchain projects in this sector.

Energy: Blockchain is aiding in optimizing energy distribution and trading. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is integrating blockchain into its operations.

Blockchain research companies and centers in the Middle East are pivotal players in driving these innovations, making the region a hotbed for blockchain development.

Criteria for Selection

Selecting the top blockchain research companies and centers in the Middle East involves a thoughtful process. Several key factors have been considered to ensure that this list highlights the most influential and innovative players in the region’s blockchain landscape.


Innovation is a core criterion. These companies and centers stand out due to their pioneering efforts in blockchain technology. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, whether it’s developing novel consensus algorithms, exploring new use cases, or creating innovative blockchain solutions.


Influence is a marker of how much these entities impact the blockchain ecosystem. It’s about the ripple effect they create, whether by contributing to open-source projects, publishing influential research papers, or spearheading collaborative efforts that drive industry-wide change.


Partnerships are essential in the blockchain space. These organizations have formed strategic alliances with industry leaders, governments, and academic institutions. These partnerships signify their commitment to collaborative research and development.

Practical Applications

Blockchain research shouldn’t exist solely in the theoretical realm. These companies and centers are chosen for their practical applications of blockchain technology. They’ve gone beyond theory and have implemented blockchain solutions that address real-world problems in the Middle East.

The selection process for this list has been rigorous, focusing on innovation, influence, partnerships, and practical applications. The entities included here are at the forefront of blockchain research in the Middle East, driving progress and shaping the region’s blockchain future.

The Middle East emerges as a hub for blockchain innovation

In recent years, the Middle East has rapidly emerged as a key hub for blockchain innovation and adoption. Several factors make the region well-positioned for leadership in this transformative technology. Strong government support through pro-blockchain regulations, initiatives, and sandboxes has provided a welcoming environment for startups. The region’s young, tech-savvy population has eagerly embraced crypto assets and decentralized solutions. And heavy investment into diversifying economies beyond oil has opened doors for innovators to implement blockchains across finance, trade, government services and beyond.

Let’s explore some of the most prominent blockchain firms laying the foundation for Middle East leadership in this space.

Blox – Crypto accounting and portfolio management 

Israel-based Blox offers an intuitive platform for crypto accounting, portfolio tracking and management reporting. Their tools enable both individuals and businesses to simplify complex crypto taxes, optimize trading, stay compliant, and manage diverse portfolios across wallets and exchanges. Blox provides a unified dashboard giving users a clear picture of the performance and status of all their crypto assets. The startup has positioned itself as a leader in blockchain accounting and compliance as adoption grows.

BTSE – Prominent crypto spot and futures exchange

Dubai-based BTSE has emerged as one of the most prominent centralized crypto exchanges in the region. The trading platform offers deep liquidity for major crypto assets, up to 100x leverage, and advanced features for experienced traders. BTSE recently enabled direct bank transfers with no fees, allowing easy fiat on-ramps for UAE users. The exchange partnered with Multichain Ventures’ $1 billion Web3 fund to increase adoption in the MENA region. With additional offices in Hong Kong, the UK and the British Virgin Islands, BTSE aspires to be the leading global crypto exchange based out of the Middle East.

Chainwire – Blockchain PR distribution platform 

UAE-based Chainwire provides a press release distribution platform tailored for blockchain, crypto and Web3 companies. The newswire service allows projects to distribute announcements and major updates to amplify online visibility. Chainwire has an expansive global network of crypto publications, websites, influencers and communities. Companies can target by region and vertical for maximum relevant exposure. The platform aims to bring PR and communications into the digital age with blockchain-verified transparency and insights.

Morningstar Ventures – Active blockchain and crypto VC firm

Morningstar Ventures is a notable VC firm based in the UAE focused on investing in blockchain, crypto, NFT and metaverse startups. The firm actively funds early-stage Web3 projects across the Middle East and globally. Morningstar provides guidance to help portfolio companies scale, expand reach, and navigate regulatory environments. Their typical check size ranges from $250k to $2 million in seed to Series A rounds. The firm often works in tandem with its Morningstar DAO, a collective of experts who evaluate prospective investments. 

Polkastarter – Launchpad for blockchain gaming fundraises 

Polkastarter Gaming offers a tailored IDO platform enabling blockchain games, metaverses and NFT projects to crowdfund directly from their community. The UAE-based launchpad provides full advisory services from project launch through IDO execution and beyond. Projects can build engaged communities on the platform even before their token sales. Polkastarter vets and selects only high-potential projects to provide credibility. They also allow projects to bootstrap liquidity at launch. The platform aims to accelerate the expansion of blockchain gaming in the Middle East and globally.

Midas Investment – DeFi wealth management platform

UAE-based Midas Investment operates an intuitive DeFi platform for crypto savings, staking, trading and wealth management. The startup provides secure custodial wallets eliminating the complexity of managing seeds and keys. Midas offers attractive annual yields on supported crypto including near 50% on Solana and 20% on Bitcoin. Users can track performance across assets and take loans against their portfolio. Midas aims to provide a simplified, protected on-ramp to decentralized finance for mainstream investors in the region.

InboundJunction – Specialized crypto marketing services 

Dubai-based InboundJunction employs proven inbound marketing methodology tailored for blockchain projects. Their integrated services include content strategy, search optimization, lead generation, PR, social media, paid advertising and more. With deep expertise in the crypto space, the agency helps projects craft compelling messaging and distribution campaigns. Their clients span exchanges, wallets, protocols, GameFi, metaverses and more. InboundJunction aims to enable Middle East crypto innovators to build global awareness and adoption.

Governmental support and initiatives

In the Middle East, governments are recognizing the potential of blockchain technology and actively supporting its research and development. They’re not just spectators; they’re key players in fostering blockchain innovation.

Government initiatives encompass various aspects, from creating a conducive regulatory environment to offering financial support through grants and funding. These actions aim to accelerate blockchain adoption across different sectors. For instance, the government may provide grants to startups or established companies looking to implement blockchain solutions.

Additionally, policymakers are working on a clear policy framework to guide the use of blockchain in areas like digital identity, supply chain management, and more. These efforts help create a stable and predictable environment for blockchain businesses to thrive.

Challenges and opportunities

While the Middle East is experiencing significant growth in blockchain research and development, it’s not without its challenges.


– Regulatory Environment:Adapting existing regulations to accommodate blockchain can be a slow process, potentially hindering innovation.

– Talent Pool:Developing a skilled workforce with expertise in blockchain technology remains a challenge. Education and training are key.

– **Technology Infrastructure:Ensuring the necessary infrastructure, including reliable internet and data security, is essential for blockchain projects.


– Innovation:The Middle East’s embrace of blockchain presents opportunities for groundbreaking solutions in finance, healthcare, and more.

– Market Size:The region’s sizable population and economic growth offer a vast market for blockchain applications.

– Collaboration:Cross-industry collaboration can lead to holistic solutions, fostering innovation.


Blockchain research in the Middle East is on the rise, thanks to government support, emerging companies, and research centers. It’s a dynamic landscape filled with potential.Together these companies and others are showcasing the region’s expanding blockchain ecosystem. With progress across fundraising, infrastructure, applications and support services, the Middle East is steadily realizing its vision to emerge as a global hub for crypto innovation. While adoption is still in early stages, momentum continues to build thanks to welcoming policy environments, investment funding and eager consumers embracing the new digital economy. Blockchain leaders predict that within a few years, the Middle East could rival other major hubs in the US, Europe and Asia. For now, the blockchain future looks bright for the region.

The importance of blockchain research in the Middle East cannot be overstated. Governments are actively supporting it, and challenges are being addressed to unlock opportunities. This is an exciting time to engage with these research companies and centers, as mutual growth is on the horizon. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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