Bitgert’s Imminent 200% Surge: What Analysts Are Saying

Looking at the rise of the crypto market, you might be urged to invest your money and take profits too. Well, this investor urge is bound to happen as the crypto market crosses $2.6T in the market cap. People are making money even with their smallest of investments in cryptocurrencies. You just have to be careful about which currency to choose for the most returns.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin is making a name for itself in the market with the amazing performance that it has had since its launch. Being launched as an upgrade to the Bitgert chain, the BRISE coin has surpassed all the historic price rises. Since the launch, Bitgert’s BRISE coin surged nearly 40,000% when it touched an all-time high price. As an overall percentage, the BRISE coin has given more than 1500% returns in the last few months. And now, the experts are predicting another 200% price surge this week for Bitgert’s BRISE coin.

Let’s analyze these predictions and understand how Bitgert’s BRISE coin has grown.

The Influential Bitgert Network

Bitgert’s BRISE coin benefits from community support and the onboarding projects in the Bitgert ecosystem. Bitgert is the native chain for BRISE coin, which has been revolutionizing blockchain technology. Bitgert offers unique advantages to the users by using a combination of PoS and PoA consensus mechanisms.

With the help of its mechanism, Bitgert offers a transaction speed of 100k TPS, which is much faster than the second best. Owing to this transaction speed, the users can now process thousands of transactions in one go. The near-zero gas fee for each transaction also lowers the cost of hosting a crypto project on the Bitgert chain.

With partners like Coinhub, GPTverse, Crypto Ethanol, etc., coming on board recently, the cash flow in Bitgert’s ecosystem has multiplied significantly. This has also increased the usage of Bitgert’s BRISE coin, as it is the native token for the whole ecosystem. So, Bitgert’s BRISE coin benefits from the growing influence of the Bitgert chain.

The Beneficial Ecosystem of Bitgert’s BRISE Coin

Bitgert offers a compelling staking system, allowing BRISE holders to earn passive income. By locking their tokens in a staking pool, users can receive some of the transaction fees generated on the Bitgert chain. This creates a win-win situation, rewarding investors while contributing to the overall health of the Bitgert ecosystem.

Other than this, Bitgert’s BRISE coin is also being promoted by the laurels of these advancements.

1.   Bitgert Startup Studio: Fostering the development of innovative blockchain projects on the Bitgert chain.

2.   BRISE Pay: A secure and efficient cryptocurrency payment gateway.

3.   The Bitgert NFT Marketplace: A platform for creators and collectors to interact within the burgeoning NFT space.

The synergy between these projects could create a network effect, boosting demand for BRISE and pushing its price upwards.


Looking at the vast growth of the Bitgert ecosystem, experts are sure about the rapid rise of the BRISE coin in the market. Even the economics of the token in the market have proven to support these claims — the RSI score and MACD value claim that Bitgert’s BRISE coin has a bullish sentiment. Then, the moving average and trading volume also support analysts’ 200% price surge claims. So, it is clear that investing in Bitgert’s BRISE coin will definitely prove to be a great move.

 To know more about Bitgert, Visit https://bitgert.com.

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