Microsoft has issued a warning that numerous hospitals in the US are vulnerable to Bitcoin ransomware attacks amidst the coronavirus crisis. The software giant stated that “dozens” of hospitals are now running a risk of being attacked by Bitcoin ransomware as they are operating via vulnerable gateways.

Bitcoin ransomware making the rounds

Microsoft revealed that myriads of hospitals are using vulnerable gateways that expose them to the REvil ransomware. It is important to note that last year, REvil ransomware attackers caused the loss of nearly 300,000 dollars in just three days using this type of ransomware.

Microsoft delivered the warning on Wednesday in the company’s blog to the hospitals on its list that seem to be particularly at risk. The company’s threat protection intelligence team stated that healthcare organizations have become particularly vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, The article reads that Microsoft identified numerous such hospitals and issued advice on how to prevent a Bitcoin ransomware attack.

The company also noted that it was “a first-of-its-kind targeted notification” that allowed various organizations to know their vulnerabilities as well as the malicious actors that are lingering across the internet.

There has been a recorded increase in cybercrime and cyber threats during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed increased cyber threats in the form of social engineering. Moreover, many people have fallen victim to applications that claim to provide details regarding the virus but instead steal the personal data of users.

However, Microsoft pointed out that the issue is much more severe than it appears. The tech giant revealed that not only are such threats becoming more common but also that the security of healthcare companies and technology providers are also being breached more often. However, Microsoft stated that with the right response, such breaches are preventable. 

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