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Bitcoin Meme: What’s the psychology behind its upswing when things are going low?

The fact the memes rule the world is undeniable, and what makes it great is that there are memes on EVERYTHING! Yes, everything! That cat, this party, your mom — even Bitcoins!

Of all things existing, even crypto couldn’t hide from the acute sight of meme masters. There is a Bitcoin meme from the high rise in charts to your doom, and while some may make you laugh, others would be a stab to your gut and perhaps your heart. You know as they say, “Truth is always bitter,” your loss in the crypto world comes close.

Let us show you some of the Bitcoin memes that have ruled over the world, leaving everyone in tears, either from laughing or crying at their fate! If you are looking to find some Cryptomemes, it would be safe to say that your wish has come true, for we are about to dive right into it!

Bitcoin meme for all

Bankman-Fried is a crypto billionaire. For those hoping to strike digital gold with their crypto investments, it’s important to note that his crypto success is very much the exception, not the rule.

The beginners’ struggle

Bitcoin memes are great, but you know what’s equally great? Cat memes! What could be better than combining two of the most incredible things in the world? 

The generally understood definition of a meme today is anything that’s a joke on the internet, usually wrapped in a layer of self-deprecation, sarcasm, or irony. Memes can be an image, video, or text-based and can be reproduced, republished, or reinterpreted by others, leading to an entirely different rhetorical message.

The real gamble of cryptocurrency is pretty much a matter of hit or miss, and atop of all that, having to decide which crypto to invest in? As a beginner, you’re always muddled as to which one to go for, and this meme perfectly represents the confusion. 

Thousands of cryptocurrencies, all of which have a different market value and trade, and you are but a mere child in a candy shop. Bitcoin? Ethereum? Litecoin? Dogecoin? Or the other 6000 cryptocurrencies? Which one is even the right choice? 

Reasons memes are gaining adherents

The world’s in the age of investing by meme. Some people are tossing tons of money into a stock or a coin not because they believe there’s something significantly different about the asset’s underlying value but because it got famous on the internet. They think it’s funny, cool, or just something to do. Meme creators sell their creations into the hype generated on platforms like Reddit and TikTok and join in. Innovation is the epitome of all of this — as well as all the disarray and confusion that entails.

Some things are clearly legitimate and some things are clearly bullshit, and there’s also this long tail of things that are a little bit confusing, In this financial environment, sometimes just a token with a meme or a stock with a meme or an asset with a meme is enough to get a $20 billion valuation.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the head of Alameda Research and the FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.
Source: Recode

History of Bitcoin memes

Probably, memes have emerged as one of the primary methods of communication on the internet. Let’s think of them as a way to vent out frustration, a safety valve for what’s going on, without which society or the most disparate elements of it can explode into a more violent reaction.

The ability to laugh at ourselves could be our saving grace. Whether they’re being shared by your favorite rapper, family member, or politician, memes have permeated pop culture in an almost meta fashion. Anything can become a meme—even people, and if you’re fortunate, becoming a meme can turn you into a celebrity.

Memes were created from any celebrity’s still shot grabbed from his latest movie to entertain the audience to ease some tension. Today, they’re part of everyday social media interaction, used and shared and consumed every minute. They can take something as innocent as children’s cartoon characters and meme the images into something that results in a reprimand from the series’ creators, or mock the latest circus antics of Elon Musk.

Basic image edits into rhetorical devices

The rise of the meme in popular culture coincides with the increased presence of the internet and social media in people’s lives. As more and more time is spent online, memes have become the perfect vehicle for facilitating information, humor, and opinion. Evolving from basic image edits made to make people laugh into rhetorical devices capable of disseminating information to millions of people, memes have established themselves as one of the most critical mediums today. This is the evolution of the meme.

When did the 1st Bitcoin memes appear? It would be safe to say a little time after Satoshi Nakamoto revealed his invention, according to Newsweek.

According to Newsweek’s investigative report[95], Satoshi Nakamoto began working on the Bitcoin code in early 2009 with a group of other programmers, including Finnish programmer Martti Malmi and Australian developer Gavin Andresen, which culminated in the public announcement of the system and release of the first open-source wallet software via Cryptography Mailing List[13] on January 9th, 2009.

Today, every crypto site will have meme commentary on what’s happening in the crypto space, primarily about the misery of those who lost in the game as a way of laughing off the pain. Humor reflects the layman’s incisive wit as a means of coping.

Bitcoin Meme Hub 

Who the hell sells #bitcoin at these prices? Are you aware that the Fed will print an ungodly amount of money this week again? Get on the lifeboat and #BTFD.

Source: BitcoinHub

What’s the future of Bitcoin? You’ll have it with the memes, like reading tea leaves in a cup.

Precious meme collections

PayPal holding private keys

Ah, yes! PayPal, a person’s best friend? I guess, yes! Especially after integrating the option of trading Crypto, buyers and sellers have been ecstatic! 

That ecstasy was sadly short-lived after they realized they didn’t get access to the private keys. What a bummer!

How is your crypto going?

As we said before, Crypto truly is a matter of hit or miss, or perhaps, a matter of floating or drawing, if you will. 

You could even say that Crypto investors, buyers, and sellers are pretty much like living life on the edge!

Elon Musk rocking the world

We can not shy away from the fact that Elon Musk is the God of Crypto, and whatever that man says is engraved in stone. 

Be it about how his Tesla models will rule the world or your poor little car being a target of destruction, Elon makes the decisions here, not us. 

Bitcoin reaching the sky

What joy could even top off your Crypto finally trading? The bull’s eye has finally been hit!

It puts all your other life achievements to shame, honestly. Does your crush see your photo? Nah, it doesn’t matter. Did you get your favorite food? Nope, sleep is better! A free trip to Turkey? Scratch that!

Is your crypto trading? Yes, I’m all eyes and ears, tell me more!

Money only for crypto

I won’t call you a miser like the people around you, because unlike them, you sure do have your priorities right! 

Who even needs groceries when they’re crypto?

Withdrawing pennies after investing millions

Crypto is like lemons. 

Life gives you these lemons, and you decide to make lemon juice, only to find out that many lemons amount to a bit of juice. What even was the point then, life? 

Tesla shaking the crypto values

Since we’ve already established that Elon rules the crypto world, does this meme need context anymore?

You’re really in for the ride here

Bitcoin is no different than a rollercoaster ride; it goes up, it goes down. Not alone, though, with your heart!  If you’ve got a weak heart, this ride isn’t the best for you. 

However, if you are truly in for the ride of your stress levels going berserk then maybe Crypto won’t be the worst option for you!

Joy or sorrow, meme it away!

If you are one of those that make memes as a coping mechanism, don’t be shy. Make some more!

We don’t decide what’s head-turning, Bitcoin does!

The new world is a sweet, sweet place with no space for old paper dollars. Digital currency is the only way to go!

Elon Musk watching the fire he set

Imagine having the power to shift the crypto value with one tweet! We know, it’s even hard to imagine. You’re not Elon Musk, after all! 

The only man laughing at you is this smug face — from behind his screen!

Life going to be the best

Innocent people, they’ve got no idea what life is about to do to them. 

It’s the peace before the calm that washes over them after making their first crypto investment. Little do they know, it might just go downhill.

Did you say crypto?

There are noobs; then there are many Patrick Stars in the world; talk about living under a rock!

In today’s world, the only time you won’t know about Crypto is when you’ve been abandoned on an island, isolated from reality!

May I come in?

Bitcoin may have been the King of it all for years, but every king has to pass on their throne to someone next, or perhaps, have a Queen!

Dogecoin is here to share the throne; if not, take the throne!

Are you even okay anymore?

Crypto will leave you battered worse than your ex, and you can not deny that. Ready to feel dead on the inside and look deceased on the outside?  

The good times

Regardless, it isn’t all that bad when it comes to crypto now. When it goes up, it skyrockets, and your life will be all blissful, so don’t be scared!

Facing the bitcoin downfall

What more can you even do when your life is falling apart around you?

Why panic when the firefighters aren’t here? Why panic when Elon has said the word? Just watch it burn in peace.

Life before & after crypto

Cryptocurrency keeps you on your toes.

You can’t be having the time to slack off anymore! Get up! Get up! 

Submerge yourself in the world of Crypto and make it your whole life. Hypnotism has got nothing on crypto! 

The power I hold!

Let’s admit it, Bitcoins not only rule the digital currency universe but also the nerves of many. Forget Leonardo Dicaprio; we’re getting goosebumps from Bitcoins now!

Finding something new to do? Need..

As crypto remains on the rise, it has been the new talk for years. So much so that if you’ve run out of ideas, invest in that Bitcoin, brother.

Holding is holding

Satoshi or Crypto, regardless of what you hold, holding is having, and you are invincible!


Oh, hail the supremacy of cryptocurrency! The power it instills will shift your demeanor.

What’s the future for Bitcoin meme?

Well, wasn’t that a fun ride? It sure was for me! What is life, if not an index of memes? An Internet post gains a comment, and social media gets adherents as memes look into our minds and our future holds. Facebook

As the crypto value fluctuates, you will be left feeling all the bliss, along with your world just wholly crumbling. However, if you love the grind then go for it! 

Crypto is great, just the way memes are! So, let’s tie them together! Please send them to your friend and share the ride of emotions that washes over you.

We indeed had a fun time going through all these and we hope you do too! Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorite memes!

For this coming week, I could see many Bitcoin followers enjoying company with rambunctious memes.

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