Bitcoin Below $38k? These Altcoins Are Poised to Soar Even If This Happens

The crypto market is undergoing a notable transformation, especially in the context of Bitcoin and various altcoins. Recently, Bitcoin’s value has seen a substantial drop, falling over 12% in the last week from $46,700 to $40,901. Pantera Capital, a leading crypto-focused investment firm, interprets this as the onset of “Phase 2” in the market, where altcoins are expected to surpass Bitcoin’s performance. 

Pantera Capital’s report presents a challenging outlook for Bitcoin in 2024, suggesting it may lose its leading position, especially considering the anticipated Bitcoin halving, an event usually associated with a bullish market. Should Bitcoin not capitalize on the halving, altcoins are likely to experience increased growth. Bitcoin is currently trading around $41,000, with a possibility of further decline.

Such a scenario would further solidify the ascendancy of altcoins in the market. Certain projects are poised to rise even more if Bitcoin falls below $38,000, so if you’re seeking perhaps more predictable returns in this time of uncertainty, you should definitely read on to find out which projects show the biggest promise.

ScapesMania: A Newcomer to the Crypto Scene

ScapesMania reaches new heights in the crypto universe, so make the most of the early bird discount before it’s too late. The project is on track to finish its impressive funding campaign in February, which will allow it to begin listing on popular exchange platforms right away. Post-listing, the token has all the potential to shoot to the moon.

What are the catalysts fueling the anticipated growth? First, it’s a robust post-listing marketing strategy from a seasoned team with extensive expertise. Next, holding ScapesMania tokens isn’t just a passive activity; holders can enjoy a suite of benefits including token buyback, burn, and staking.

Furthermore, the token’s utility lasts beyond passing fads. Unlike meme coins reliant on short-lived hype, ScapesMania is built with enduring value and practical application in mind.

As the presale is drawing to a close, you need to act fast and grab your discounted tokens now! The countdown has begun – don’t let this chance pass you by.

Presale Opportunities

ScapesMania could be an appealing opportunity for early adopters. This groundbreaking project has collected $4,900,000+ solely from the crowd/retail sector. ScapesMania is gaining traction on popular crypto media platforms and receiving endorsements from recognized crypto influencers.

Post-listing, today’s backers could be looking at potentially sizable gains, meaning that ScapesMania could outperform all major asset classes and beyond. S&P 500, gold, bonds, and even the cryptocurrency market as a whole are not expected to reach such returns in 2024.

Furthermore, joining ScapesMania now unlocks a treasure trove of bonuses, totaling up to +102%, along with exclusive opportunities like token buyback & burn and staking. As ScapesMania continues to evolve, there is a potential for the project’s returns to even surpass expectations. 

Key Highlights of ScapesMania

ScapesMania is not a regular crypto asset; it’s a vibrant gaming ecosystem that caters to the interests of both casual players and crypto-savvy audiences. As a gamer, there’s no need to deal with the complexities of crypto to enjoy captivating gameplay. On the flip side, token holders can reap the rewards of the ecosystem’s performance and shape its future without playing.

The above-mentioned upsides have already attracted crypto whales with deposits of $20,000+ to opt for ScapesMania, and it could be compelling enough for you too. The project has undergone audits by industry-leading security-ranking companies, instilling confidence in early adopters. ScapesMania is already making waves on major tracking websites, and negotiations are underway to get it listed on prominent exchanges.

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By chipping in now, you’re positioning yourself for immediate possible gains as the project enters the next phase – listing. Understand: this pricing will never be available again. The same way a combined bonus boost won’t be available again as the referral, vesting, and promo code prizes expire post-listing.

Secure higher gains by grabbing a sizable bonus of 10% on ScapesMania! Use code WIP271 at checkout in a special textbox for an even better deal on a cryptocurrency that could make you the envy of the entire crypto community. Act fast – the offer is valid for a limited time only.

5ire (5IRE): A New Era in Blockchain Sustainability

5ire (5IRE) has recently marked a significant milestone by launching on the Bybit exchange, introducing a new era in blockchain sustainability. This launch represents a positive progression in the blockchain landscape, with the 5IRE/USDT pair now live on Bybit. 5ire’s ecosystem is grounded in the principles of the fifth industrial revolution, transitioning from a traditional for-profit paradigm to a for-benefit one. The platform measures sustainability through its Sustainable Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus, financially rewarding sustainable practices.

The introduction of 5ire (5IRE) on Bybit has generated excitement in the crypto community. This enthusiasm is reflected in the trading activity of the 5IRE/USDT pair. The platform’s unique approach to sustainability and its community-centric ecosystem have contributed to its growing appeal among investors and traders.

5ire (5IRE) is poised for growth, leveraging its innovative approach to blockchain sustainability and strategic partnerships. Its focus on ESG as a Service (ESGaaS) and collaborations with governments and universities highlight its potential for real-world impact. However, the challenge lies in maintaining momentum and expanding its user base amidst a competitive blockchain market.

Hashflow (HFT): Revolutionizing Cross-Chain Trading

Hashflow (HFT) has launched its version 2.0, adding support for Solana and DEX aggregation. This development positions Hashflow 2.0 as the first DEX to offer cross-chain trading between Ethereum and Solana, enhancing its appeal in the decentralized exchange landscape.

The integration of Solana into Hashflow 2.0 has bolstered its market position, potentially influencing the trading value of HFT. This upgrade reflects Hashflow’s commitment to expanding its offerings and catering to a broader range of traders and investors.

The future of Hashflow (HFT) looks promising, with its unique position as a cross-chain DEX between Ethereum and Solana. However, the platform must navigate the challenges of maintaining technological superiority and user trust in a rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.

CyberConnect (CYBER): Pioneering Decentralized Social Networking

CyberConnect (CYBER) is a Web3 social blockchain protocol designed to enable developers to create decentralized social applications. It empowers users with control over their digital identity, connections, content, and interactions. CyberConnect (CYBER) goal is to revolutionize the social media landscape by facilitating direct connections between creators and audiences.

The CyberConnect (CYBER) token, powering the CyberConnect ecosystem, is an ERC-20 fungible asset with a total supply of 100 million coins. The token’s roles in governance, staking, and as a payment mechanism within the platform influence its trading value.

CyberConnect (CYBER) has the potential to transform the social media domain with its decentralized approach. However, it faces the challenge of gaining widespread adoption and competing with established centralized social media platforms.

LeverFi (LEVER): Surging in the Decentralized Trading Space

LeverFi (LEVER) has experienced a surge in price, attributed to a multi-million dollar investment by DWF Labs and growing interest in decentralized leverage trading. This development has captured the attention of significant investors and suggests a positive outlook for LeverFi.

LeverFi’s (LEVER) performance over the past year has seen a 37% increase in its price, trading consistently above the 200-day simple moving average. This trend indicates a stable market presence and growing investor confidence in the platform.

The future of LeverFi (LEVER) appears optimistic, driven by its recent capital infusion and the increasing popularity of decentralized leverage trading. However, it’s important to consider the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency markets and the need for ongoing analysis to validate and adjust expectations.


The current crypto market landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with Bitcoin’s dominance waning and altcoins poised for a potential surge. This scenario presents a great opportunity for altcoins like ScapesMania. It is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the market shift, potentially rising even higher if Bitcoin falls over $38,000. 

Site: https://scapesmania.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScapesMania

Telegram: https://t.me/scapesmania

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