Bitbot’s Surging Presale in the United States: Best Cheap Crypto for 10X Gains 2024

As the crypto market warms ahead of the imminent Bitcoin halving event, investors are scouring the market to find the best cheap crypto to buy now for huge returns this year. New trading bot Bitbot, currently in its fast-selling crypto presale, is emerging as a game-changer, transforming how retail investors in the United States simplify their trading experiences with the help of Bitbot’s unparalleled security-conscious toolkit.

With $950k already raised and its crypto presale currently in stage 5, Bitbot looks likely to cement itself as a contender for the best cheap crypto to buy now as it combines automated trading with top-level security solutions.

The fact that there is a strong product, as well as a vibrant presale community buzzing for a listing, offer the potential for both short term speculative gains as well as long-term potential for hodlers who can spot gems like this – those 100X coins that sometimes run under the radar.

Telegram trading bots: An explainer

Telegram, the online communication service, has seen an enormous boom in the use of trading bots, accumulating a trading volume of over $7 billion, much of which has been transacted in 2024. But what are Telegram trading bots?

Telegram trading bots simplify crypto trading by allowing traders to execute trades automatically based on predefined limits, all from within their Telegram app. As a result, Telegram trading bots have carved a significant niche within the trading community, with the likes of Unibot and Banana Gun leading the way.

However, until now, the sector hasn’t been without its challenges. Unibot, Banana Gun, and another leading trading bot, Maestro, have all experienced serious security breaches and rug pull allegations leading to massive financial losses. For example, Unibot lost $560 million of users’ funds, Banana Gun’s token price dropped 90% after a bug, and Maestro users lost nearly $500k in ETH following security breaches.

Bitbot will directly tackle issues like this with their innovative non-custodial approach – a fact that has already been very well received from investors who have seen the potential for strong gains in the telegram trading token space but may have gotten cold feet.  

Bitbot: No ordinary trading bot

Bitbot is introducing the world’s first non-custodial security solution. Employing the “not your keys, not your crypto” approach to wallet security, KnightSafe’s advanced key-sharing solution means only users can access their funds until trades are executed. Not the trading platform.

Alongside Bitbot’s pioneering key-sharing protocol, it enhances its security with ground-breaking solutions to combat malicious Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) bots and protect against attempted rug pulls. Anti-MEV measures protect users from transaction cost manipulation while ensuring the fair execution of trades. In addition, anti-rug pull measures include monitoring on-chain activities to prevent fiascos similar to those that hit Banana Gun.

Tools include the AI-powered sniping tool that finds undervalued cryptos, buying low and selling high, all on autopilot. In addition, an automated gem scanner tool scans for exciting crypto presale investment opportunities, allowing traders to have a head start across quickly evolving markets.

Meanwhile, there are many exclusive giveaways for BITBOT token holders, including revenue-sharing mechanisms (token holders will receive a massive 50% of the trading fees generated), a $1k giveaway, and access to special airdrops.

With such a rich array of exciting security and trading features, it’s no wonder the Bitbot crypto presale is being touted as the best cheap crypto to buy now for at least 10x returns in 2024.

Bitbot: Right market, right time

Bitbot is ideally placed to make waves in the growing Telegram trading bot sector, a market currently dominated by growing platforms but faulty security. Close competitor Unibot grew from a launch price of $17.62 to its current price of $67.86 per token—an over 279% jump at the time of writing—with a market cap of over $60 billion. Equally, Banana Gun, another competitor coin that launched in 2023 at $9.93 per token, is now selling for $31.70, a 195+% increase in today’s markets. This growth comes despite their recent security breaches, signaling that the sky’s the limit for Bitbot and its superior all-around solution.

During the presale phase alone, investors who buy in today could see 63.9% gains on their investments. But if Bitbot performs as well as expected and mirrors the success of coins like Unibot and Banana Gun, there could easily be gains of 50x and above.

Coupled with this potential for price appreciation, in order to maintain the value of Bitbot tokens post-launch, Bitbot has designed a deflationary tokenomics strategy that includes strategic buybacks and burns.

Indeed, with cybersecurity becoming a hot topic within the tech and crypto worlds, Bitbot is entering the marketplace at the perfect time. With the boost in Bitcoin’s price to above the $60k barrier, the surge in Bitcoin ETFs, the looming Bitcoin halving event, and unprecedented interest in crypto adoption globally, Bitbot’s entry into the Telegram trading bot space is ideal for sending it on a viral journey.

The community numbers are impressive, too. With almost 100k followers on X and 16k members in its Telegram community, Bitbot is well-placed to capitalize on this broader industry momentum and cement its place as the best cheap crypto to buy now for impressive gains.

Is the Bitbot crypto presale the best cheap crypto to buy now?

Bitbot’s strength is learning from its competitors’ flaws. As a result, its commitment to user security with its non-custodial solution puts it at the head of the field within the Telegram trading bot sector. 

As a result, the excitement surrounding Bitbot and its ongoing crypto presale is growing fast, with coins selling just as rapidly. Currently in stage 5, priced at just $0.0122, there’s no better time for American investors to jump on the bandwagon and grab the best cheap crypto to buy now.

So, don’t let FOMO get the better of you; join the Bitbot trading revolution today and be part of a game-changing new crypto platform.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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