Bitbot’s 2024 Presale: The Hottest Crypto Event of the Year?

With more than $3 billion dollars in trading volume in the Telegram trading bot space in 2023, this has proven to be one of crypto’s fastest growing sectors, fueling unprecedented interest in Bitbot’s presale announcement among crypto communities.

Bitbot is already looking like one of the hottest crypto events of 2024 as it launches the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot to retail investors.

Its launch comes just as the anticipated bull run is gearing up; it has a well-defined roadmap, solid tokenomics, and everything in place to provide coin holders with powerful utility and exciting growth prospects in the coming months and years.

Thousands of potential retail investors have already joined Bitbot’s Telegram group as they eagerly anticipate the green light on one of this year’s hottest crypto events, with go-live set for the 17th of January.

What exactly are Telegram trading bots?

Telegram trading bots let users control automated trading features on the platform, sometimes using complex commands. Bitbot differs from most trading bots because it delivers an ultra-intuitive interface so that retail investors can focus on what matters: trading. Bitbot’s simple UX, one-click wallet creation, and copy trading functionality help make trading easy for new and seasoned traders.

Telegram trading bots remain in their infancy despite growing to such enormous trading volumes in 2023. Indeed, considering that the trading volumes on Maestro, Unibot, and Banana Gun exceeded the $3 billion mark during a bear market, crypto enthusiasts are excited to see what these bots can produce during bullish conditions.

However, with these big names being dogged by scandal, such as hacking at Unibot and allegations of rugging with the Banana Gun token, alongside a general lack of security, Bitbot has identified a huge opportunity to grab a significant share of Telegram’s 800 million strong user base. 

As a result, Bitbot is making security a cornerstone of its offering, partnering with Knightsafe to offer a non-custodial solution that automatically minimizes and mitigates counterparty risk and hacks. The result is a new platform that is a game-changer and immediately positions Bitbot as a disrupter in the Telegram trading bot sector in 2024.

What makes Bitbot great?

Bitbot is the world’s first trading bot that lets retail investors trade via their cold wallets on Telegram. In practice, this means that users can retain full control over both their private keys as well as their assets, in contrast to some Telegram trading solutions that require users to share their private keys with the bot, which has led to inevitable security risks via counterparty hacks. 

The project team benefits from backgrounds in both traditional finance and blockchain tech. Each member brings the ingredients to provide the potent cocktail that will deliver a product that combines the cutting-edge innovation of the crypto sector with the security expected from TradFi solutions. 

To complement the partnership with Knightsafe, Bitbot is developing anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions to protect user assets against the kinds of issues threatening its competitors. Consequently, investors can be confident that their assets are safe and secure while being protected against artificial price pumps, scams, and arbitrage bot manipulation.

Bitbot will also bring a powerful sniping feature that helps anyone, from advanced retail investors to trading newbies, by automatically scanning on-chain activity for high-potential, low-cost crypto presale opportunities as well as listed tokens displaying bullish behavior.

On top of all that, retail investors can mimic trades from the best-performing wallets thanks to Bitbot’s exciting copy trade feature. The feature replicates trading actions from high performers, essentially acting as a method for mirroring the gains among the platform’s burgeoning community.

Bitbot delivers full transparency, submitting the dev team and contract to doxxing and auditing respectively. Full details of its Solid Proof audit will be supplied on the website. Not only that, but to support confidence in the project and create a two-way system of feedback and product announcements within the community, the project team will hold regular AMAs throughout the ICO.

Is Bitbot the hottest crypto event of the year?

Many crypto analysts expect 2024 to be the year that sees retail investors enjoy huge gains from low-cap gems, largely thanks to Bitcoin ETFs and the BTC halving event later this year.

However, not all projects are created equal. With a focus from investors on new ideas that provide unique concepts and genuine levels of utility, Bitbot’s clear vision is already attracting a lot of interest even before its ICO kicks off.

Projects with serious issues, such as Unibot and Banana Gun, have gained exceptional market caps since launching, valued at $70 million and $28 million, respectively, at the time of writing. 

With Unibot currently trading at $62.80, almost 4x its launch price of $17.56 yet still way off its ATH of $233.75, and Banana Gun priced at $9.31, roughly half its ATH and close to double its mid-October 2023 valuation, history shows that there are serious returns possible with well-positioned Telegram trading bots.

Therefore, $BITBOT holders can feel extra confident. With improved security, the option for self-custody, and a genuinely exciting roadmap, there’s likely additional fuel in the tank on the path to 100x gains – naturally aided by buying in early at $0.0100 per token when the ICO launches

As the bull run that began in 2023 truly takes hold of the market in 2024, any retail investor serious about gaining returns on their investment in 2024 should consider making Bitbot part of their digital portfolio as soon as the presale launches. With a market ready for something new, an excellent development team, and a clear roadmap, Bitbot is likely to be one of the fastest-growing cryptos in 2024.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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