B2Broker Unveils a Brand-New B2Core REST API


With the launch of a brand-new REST API, B2Broker now offers clients direct exposure to its products and services for commercial use. The REST API allows users to add, read, edit, and remove resources via HTTP methods. As it gives its customers more choices and alternatives, this is a big turning point for the business. With this latest edition, B2Broker keeps forming the standard for supplying the most advanced tools for the whole Forex market. We would like to take this moment to appreciate your loyal cooperation. 

Back-Office API

B2Broker Unveils a Brand-New B2Core REST API 1

Back office API methods were developed to let our business partners access information about their users, accounts, and payments for statistical or logistical purposes. Moreover, businesses will benefit significantly from this since it will enable them to approach and analyze their client base more effectively. Understanding how clients engage with the company’s goods and services will be made easier with the help of the data collected via this API. This knowledge enables companies to make the required adjustments to their products. In general, businesses will benefit greatly from the Back-Office API since it will assist them in better comprehending their consumers and choosing the right products and services for them.

Front-Office API

B2Broker Unveils a Brand-New B2Core REST API 2

The Trader’s Room functionality of the end user is supported via the B2Core API calls (Front-Office API). By employing Front-Office APIs, you could complete identification, incorporate the functioning of your products’ interfaces, complete purchases, and much more. Besides that, the Front-Office APIs offer a powerful solution to increase your application’s functionality and user engagement. You may improve the features and abilities of your product while also making it more collaborative and friendly to users by using the Front-Office APIs. The Front-Office APIs are worth analyzing if you seek methods to enhance your product and boost its competitiveness.


With the successful release of the B2Core API, we are even more eager to keep adding features and capabilities in the future. We assure you that the B2Core API won’t be the only one. We will continue improving this API’s characteristics and capabilities to provide you with the most efficient experience possible. With this update, we want to give our customers the tools they need to enhance their apps and solutions. We are convinced that this API will benefit Forex, CFD, cryptocurrency brokers, crypto exchanges, converters, and other fintech companies.Thanks to its convenience, you’re welcome to use the B2Core API as a trial and start as soon as you are ready. Also, contact us if you encounter any issues or have ideas for improving the API. At B2Broker, we are constantly searching for methods to make our goods and services better.

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