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Attack Wagon Land Sales: A Catch For Long-Term Holders

Attack Wagon Land Sales: A Catch For Long-Term Holders 1

The gaming world has evolved dramatically from the days of the Nintendo DS to much more immersive games. With the advent of Blockchain technology, we now have a better, more entertaining, and even more profitable way to game. The online world is evolving gradually into the metaverse, with more and more industries moving into this novel space. 

Gaming industries such as Attack Wagon have been taking charge in proffering a more entertaining gaming experience for gamers. Even better, you can now earn while you play. Their free-to-play, play-to-earn game lets you get paid for all the gaming hours you put in. 

They launched their services in 2021 and their debut game is called “Scrap Guilds.” In this game, you can own gaming assets that are NFTs. You also get to own the Attack Wagon native token $ATK, which you can use to purchase valuable items on this gaming platform. 

Lately, Attack Wagon announced that it would soon be launching its private land sales. This is terrific news because gamers can now own valuable pieces of NFT in this game, but long-term holders have also been promised a reasonable discount when they purchase these pieces of land. 

Luckily, keeping their users in mind, these lands come in three different categories, each more valuable than the other. Owning a plot guarantees you to earn a portion of earnings generated on the games made by Attack Wagon, now and in the future. To put things into perspective, owning 2% of the land plots allows you to earn 2% of generated fees on the platform.

Land plots 

Attack Wagon promised the community four different land sales, the first which is coming up very soon. The sale will come in two processes. The land plots will be divided into two; the first half will go to whitelisted investors, while the other half will be made available to the public the beginning of April, 2022. This will be after the whitelist sale must have been completed.

As mentioned earlier, the land plots come in three different categories. Highlighted below are details describing each land plot and its perks.

Common Plots

Here we have the basic land plot type available. There will be a total of 6,975 common land plots up for grabs. Owners of the common plots will have 40% of the overall fees generated from the marketplace splitter between them. Your earnings will depend on how much land you own. Coupled with that, you also enjoy an increase of 15% in the daily limit cap for earning $ATK. Each plot of land will be sold for $250 in ATK.

Grand Plots

Like common plot owners, grand plot owners also get to split 40% of generated revenues in the marketplace. There are only 1,000 plots available for this category. The daily limit cap for earning $ATK in-game is also raised by 25%. Grand plot owners also get to decide on future Attack Wagon games by having voting rights. One grand plot goes for $1,700 in ATK.

Iconic Plots 

Just as the name implies, these plots are iconic. Apart from getting voting rights in future Attack Wagon games, owners also get a custom-made NFT in each game. Even better, owners can get banners for their plots; but they have to submit their preferred logo. Other perks owners enjoy are a 20% split of overall fees and the daily limit cap for in-game earnings raised by 100%. Attack Wagons have 30 of these iconic Plots available, and each one goes for $28,000 in ATK.

Though this game is much immersed in the metaverse world, the land sale is not a metaverse project. However, these lands are guaranteed to gather fees for each game Attack wagon creates. You can only purchase them using the Attack Wagon token ($ATK). This is mainly to help raise the value of the token to benefit the whole ecosystem. 

Disclaimer. This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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