ETC Labs starts joint project with Applicature

ETC Labs starts joint project with Applicature

Applicature, one of the popular blockchain application development companies, has announced that it will be working on a joint project with Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs).

The goal behind this collaboration will be to give developers an easy and accessible environment, which will foster the creation of many new blockchain-based applications. According to ETC Labs’ Chief Executive Officer, this joint project will:

“further advance the growth, utilization, and adoption of Ethereum Classic for enterprise projects.”

Decentralized applications (Dapps), are becoming an increasingly popular utilization for blockchain technology. 

About ETC Labs and Applicature

ETC Labs is a pioneer in the sphere of Dapp incubation. In other words, it has become a leader in providing a work environment for developers and engineers looking to work with such applications.

Applicature, on the other hand, is a blockchain development company, which helps enterprise projects in fulfilling their blockchain projects. Applicature is responsible for researching, customizing, and optimizing blockchain solutions for corporate and enterprise users.

Joint project

A collaboration between sector leaders like ETC Labs and Applicature is bound to be fruitful. While ETC Labs is the most significant development field currently available, Applicature has the skill and expertise to carry out various types of Dapp projects.

Blockchain applications are becoming a solid investment for a large number of enterprises, and this joint project will facilitate easier communication between developers and clients. One of the recent examples of a big name entering the Dapp universe is Warner Music Group, who partnered with Dapper Labs to create a custom blockchain. 

ETC Labs starts joint project with Applicature


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